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Vindicia Knowledge Center

CashBox Packaged Solutions

Vindicia® CashBox® is the SaaS billing platform for subscription business success. CashBox supports a wide range of subscription management solutions, offering comprehensive capabilities to support almost any recurring revenue business model.

CashBox Features

Get to know the Vindicia CashBox feature set. When you integrate with CashBox, you can easily manage your product catalog, automate tax compliance, fight fraud, and build subscription revenue. Most importantly, you keep customers connected to your services as you support an exceptional customer billing experience.

For Developers

Find the APIs and other implementation resources you need to get started with Vindicia CashBox. Our team has developed more than a hundred APIs to help you integrate CashBox with your environment seamlessly. Common use cases and best practices will guide and support you as you take advantage of agile subscription and recurring billing.

For Users

Learn how you can run your business with CashBox. You can manage your product catalog, customers, subscriptions, promotions using the CashBox portal.