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Customer purchases a Subscription via Merchant's online storefront at a promotional rate (SubE-2-004)

User Story

As a Customer, I want to purchase a SubE subscription offered at a promotional rate by the merchant.

Use Case #: SubE-2-004

Estimated Completion Time:  1 day

Uses: Subscribe APIs

Completed By:  Merchant Developer



  • The customer is purchasing a Subscription that includes a promotional rate

  • The customer is eligible to purchase the Subscription


  • Proper Subscription with Account and Payment Method objects are created in Vindicia Subscribe. 
  • Initial Transaction is generated if applicable, including taxation, if applicable.
  • Future billings are correctly predicted.
  • Account has been granted appropriate Entitlements
  • Promotional reflect in current and future transactions, if applicable.

Basic Scenario

A new customer purchases a subscription using a promotion code to access a promotional rate.

Design Approach

Similar to other use cases for creating subscriptions, this use case has a slight modification in that you will need to pass a Campaign Code that references a Promotion style Campaign. 

Normally you would not pass in a Promotion Campaign Code when calling the subscriptions endpoint. 

See Offer Management and Subscription Purchase in Reference below.

Sequence Diagram


Use Case Implementation

  1. Create a promotion style campaign (See Offer Management in Reference below)
  2. Call the subscriptions endpoint passing the promotion style campaign code created in step 1 

Sample Code

Endpoint :

JSON Request:

  "billing_plan": {
    "id": "MONTHLY"
  "account": {
    "email_type": "html",
    "language": "EN",
    "id": "jZ9oEKQNiVGheLSn",
    "shipping_address": {
      "city": "Pleasant Prairie",
      "name": "Queen Olsteen",
      "district": "WI",
      "country": "US",
      "line1": "15425 County Road 47",
      "postal_code": "53158"
    "default_currency": "USD",
    "email": "",
    "name": "Queen Olsteen"
  "description": "Subscription_jZ9oEKQNiVGheLSn",
  "policy": {
    "ignore_avs_policy": 1,
    "validate_for_future_payment": 0,
    "ignore_cvn_policy": 1,
    "immediate_auth_failure_policy": "doNotSaveAutoBill",
    "min_chargeback_probability": 99
  "currency": "USD",
  "payment_method": {
    "billing_address": {
      "city": "Pleasant Prairie",
      "name": "Queen Olsteen",
      "district": "WI",
      "country": "US",
      "line1": "15425 County Road 47",
      "postal_code": "53158"
    "account_holder": "Queen Olsteen",
    "credit_card": {
      "expiration_date": "202003",
      "account": "4113900000000007"
    "customer_description": "Credit Card",
    "active": 1,
    "type": "CreditCard",
    "id": "CC_jZ9oEKQNiVGheLSn"
  "items": [
      "product": {
        "id": "Generic"
      "id": "Item_jZ9oEKQNiVGheLSn_1",
      "campaign_code": "PROMO-CODE-10Px12"
  "id": "Subscription_jZ9oEKQNiVGheLSn",
  "minimum_commitment": 0