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RatePlanTier Subobject

RatePlanTier Subobject

RatePlanTier Subobject

The RatePlanTier object describes a single Tier of a RatePlan, including its price, whether to charge by individual Unit or by stepped Tier Price, and the lower limit of the Tier. The table below shows the RatePlanTier Object Values.


Data Type




Required. The descriptive name for the Tier.



Required. An array of RatePlanPrice objects, which define the Price (or prices) for this Tier (one price for each currency used).

The RatePlanPrice object is an (amount, currency) pair, which contains two data members:

  • amount: the number of currency units.
  • currency: the ISO 4217 currency code to be used for this ratePrice.



An object of type ChargeCustomer, which may be one of two types:

  • FlatFee: charges the customer a defined price per Tier.
  • PerUnit: charges the customer a defined price per Rated Unit.

FlatFee defines a stepped pricing structure, in which the customer is charged the ratePrice per Tier.

PerUnit defines a graduated pricing structure, in which the customer is charged the number of units accessed, multiplied by the ratePrice per Tier.



The number of Units at which this Tier’s pricing structure takes effect. The number of Units defined for each Tier runs from the minimum value of the Tier, to one Unit less than the minimum value of the next higher Tier.

Typically the first tier would have beginsAtLevel = 1. The final, highest tier is unbounded (infinite).

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