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TransactionItem Subobject

TransactionItem Subobject

TransactionItem Subobject

A line-item in a Transaction. Line items may be goods sold, sales tax, or other charges or credits. All line-items added together should add up to the total Transaction amount.

Table 18-8: TransactionItem Object Data Members

Data Members

Data Type




Vindicia's unique identifier for the associated AutoBillItem.



Campaign code redeemed on this Transaction. To apply a Campaign, use this field to pass in a valid Coupon or Promotion code.

Note This data member will not be returned.



Description for the Campaign used to discount this transaction, if any.



Read only. The unique identifier for a Campaign applied to this Transaction. This is a read-only field returned by Vindicia Subscribe for informational purposes. Values sent in with a SOAP call will be ignored.



Read only. A field describing the discount amount on this transaction.



Unique index number for this item. Index numbers start at 1, not 0.



Contains a summary of Refunds against a TransactionItem.

  • amount—Full or partial amount of the refund.
  • taxAmount—Full or partial amount of tax refunded.
  • taxOnly—If set totrue, Vindicia Subscribe refunded only the tax portion of a TransactionItem.
  • timestamp—Timestamp when the refund was issued.
  • refundID—themerchantRefundId of the Refund object where the refund was issued.



Contains one of the following values. If unspecified, the type will default to Purchase.

  • Purchase
  • Credit
  • TaxableCredit
  • DiscountBeforeTax
  • ModificationRefund

As of this release, passing in negative-amount Transaction items to affect an ad hoc custom discount is no longer supported.To achieve the same effect, pass in the absolute value in the amount field for the item and specify DiscountBeforeTax here.



Your identifier for the associated AutoBillItem.



A description of the item. For Vindicia Subscribe-generated rebill transactions in which this Transaction item is derived from a Product or BillingPlan object used with an AutoBill object, this value maps to the Product or BillingPlan object’s description attribute.

For TransactionItems which reflect Campaign discounts, this data member will be populated by Vindicia Subscribe with the text "Discount for description," where description is the description data member for the ProductDescription subobject of the Product receiving the discount or the BillingPlanDescription data member of the Billing Plan receiving the discount.



Optional. An array of name‑value pairs the merchant wishes to associate with a Transaction item. NameValues associated with an AutoBillItem will automatically be populated on corresponding TransactionItems.

See Section 19: The NameValuePair Object



The item price, denominated by the currency data member of this Transaction object. price is omitted on rated items, because they do not have a fixed, per unit price but are dependent on the tier of the rate plan.



The number of items sold. If migrating quantity does not make sense, such as for a sales-tax line item, set quantity to 1, not 0. For rated items, this number can be a fraction.



List of merchantTransactionIds for all Transactions related to this item.

If you have a credit resulting from the removal of an AutoBillItem or BillingPlan, related Transactions contains the list of all Transactions originally billed for the item within the timeframe covered by the credit.



The start date for the service provided by this TransactionItem.

For standard AutoBills, these dates will coincide with the Billing Plan’s bill dates. For AutoBills which include Season Sets, or other variants, these dates might be the same for multiple Transactions.

Blank indicates that the entitlement has no end date, and is valid forever, or that the Transaction resulted from a Transaction.auth, capture, or migrate call, in which case this value has no meaning.

Note Service period start and end dates may not coincide with Billing Dates. For example, with installment-like Billing Plans, the start and end dates of every transaction are the dates of the full installment period, regardless of when billing occurs.



The start date for the time period reflected by this TransactionItem.



Optional. Your SKU or other tracking key for this item. For Vindicia Subscribe-generated rebill transactions in which this transaction item is derived from a Product object used with an AutoBill object, this value maps to the Product object’s merchantProductId attribute.

For TransactionItems which reflect Campaign discounts, this data member will be populated by Vindicia Subscribe with the text "Discount for merchantProductId merchantProductId," where merchantProductId is the merchantProductId data member for the Product object receiving the discount. This data member will also be populated by Vindicia Subscribe with the text "Discount for merchantBillingPlanId merchantBillingPlanId," where merchantBillingPlanId is the merchantBillingPlanId data member for the BillingPlan object receiving the discount.



Read only.The subtotal of the values on the TransactionItem, excluding any discounts and taxes, if tax-exclusive. If tax is inclusive, for example a value-added tax (VAT), it will be included.



An array of Tax objects, which include the following data members:

  • jurisdiction:(string) the TransactionItem sku for the tax.
  • name: (string) the description for the tax.
  • amount: (decimal) the amount for the tax.
  • externalTaxName: The name for the tax or fee as provided by the tax service; corresponds to “Imposition” in Vertex and “TaxName” in Avatax.
  • externalTaxCategory: The category of tax or fee as provided by the tax service; corresponds to “ImpositionType” in Vertex and “TaxGroup” in Avatax.
  • externalJurisdictionName: The name of the tax jurisdiction for this tax or fee as provided by the tax service; corresponds to “Jurisdiction” in Vertex and “JurisName” in Avatax.
  • taxRate: The effective rate used to calculate this tax as provided by the tax service; corresponds to “EffectiveRate” in Vertex and “Rate” in Avatax.



A string that defines the tax classification for this TransactionItem.



This data member will be automatically populated by Vindicia Subscribe with applied tax information for the TransactionItem.

Possible values include Inclusive Sales, Exclusive Sales, Inclusive Use, and Exclusive Use.



An array of TokenAmount objects granted to the Account on this Transaction for purchasing this item (if Vindicia Subscribe tokens are in use). Each object in the array specifies the quantity of a specific type of token. This is a read-only attribute when Vindicia Subscribe returns the TransactionItem object to you in response to a call.

See Section 17.1: Token Data Members.



Read only.The total charge for the transaction, including discounts and taxes. Vindicia Subscribe calculates discount, subtotal, and total. If you pass these in, they will be ignored.

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