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Activity Data Members

Activity Data Members

Activity Data Members

To record an activity, fill in as many of the data-member fields of the Activity object as possible. The more information you collect, the more useful it will be for Vindicia to dispute chargebacks on your behalf should they occur.

The following table lists and describes the data members of the Activity object.

Data Members

Data Type




Required. The customer account for which you are recording this activity. This information serves as evidence of the customer’s connection to the activity. Populating this object with either the VID or merchantAccountId suffices.

See The Account Object.



Required. An object that details the activity you are recording. The content varies, depending on the activity type specified.

See the ActivityTypeArg Subobject.



Required. An enumerated string value that categorizes the type of activity you are recording. For example, if a customer calls you, set this value to Phone. Be sure to set this value before calling record().

See the ActivityType Subobject.



Required. A time stamp that specifies the date and time of when the event you are recording took place. Be sure to set this value before calling record().

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