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AutoBill Methods

AutoBill Methods

AutoBill Methods

The following table summarizes the methods for the AutoBill object.

AutoBill.activate Activates an AutoBill with a deferred start date. 
AutoBill.addCampaign Adds a Campaign to an existing AutoBill.
AutoBill.addCharge Adds a non-recurring charge to an AutoBill.
AutoBill.cancel Cancels an AutoBill object.
AutoBill.changeBillingDayOfMonth Updates the monthly billing day.
AutoBill.delayBillingByDays Delays the next billing by the specified number of days.
AutoBill.delayBillingToDate Delays the next billing until the specified date.
AutoBill.fetchAllCancelReason Returns an array of CancelReasons objects.
AutoBill.fetchAllCreditHistory Returns credit history for all AutoBills.
AutoBill.fetchAllInSeason Returns an array of all in season AutoBills.
AutoBill.fetchAllOffSeason Returns an array of all off-season AutoBills.
AutoBill.fetchBillingItemHistory Returns one or more AutoBill objects whose Account object matches the input.
AutoBill.fetchByAccount Returns an array of AutoBills by Account object.
AutoBill.fetchByAccountAndProduct Returns all AutoBill objects whose Account and Product objects match the input.
AutoBill.fetchByEmail Returns one or more AutoBill objects whose email address matches the input.
AutoBill.fetchByMerchantAutoBillId Returns an AutoBill object whose ID assigned by you (merchantAutoBillId) matches the input.
AutoBill.fetchByVid Returns an AutoBill object whose VID matches the input.
AutoBill.fetchByWebSessionVid Returns an AutoBill object whose WebSession VID matches the input.
AutoBill.fetchCreditHistory Returns an audit log of credit-related events for the specified AutoBill, or for all AutoBills.
AutoBill.fetchDailyInvoiceBillings Returns an array of Transaction objects, with MerchantAcceptedPayment Payment Methods, that must be billed for the day.
AutoBill.fetchDeltaSince Returns one or more AutoBill objects whose status has changed since the specified time stamp.
AutoBill.fetchFutureRebills Returns an array of planned future billing Transactions, that do not yet exist in Vindicia Subscribe, for the specified AutoBill object.
AutoBill.fetchInvoice Returns an Invoice for the given invoice ID as plain text or a PDF.
AutoBill.fetchInvoiceNumbers Fetches the list of invoice numbers of invoices in the given state, for the given AutoBill.
AutoBill.fetchRemainingPaymentDetails Returns information on an AutoBill’s remaining payments after the most recent payment.
AutoBill.fetchUpgradeHistoryByMerchantAutoBillId Returns an AutoBill’s upgrade history, given the merchantAutoBillId.
AutoBill.fetchUpgradeHistoryByVid Returns an AutoBill’s upgrade history, given the VID.
AutoBill.finalizeCarrierBilling Completes the process of signing up for a subscription using CarrierBilling as a payment method.
AutoBill.finalizeCustomerAction Completes processing of a Transaction after the customer finishes payment activities at the payment provider-hosted web pages, and is redirected to your site.
AutoBill.finalizePayPalAuth Informs Vindicia Subscribe about the final authorization status of a validation transaction generated when you create an AutoBill paid for with a PayPal-based payment method.
AutoBill.grantCredit Adds credit to an AutoBill. Token- and currency-based credit thus added are stored in theAutoBill’s credit data member. Time-based credit thus granted to the AutoBill is immediately applied to the AutoBill by extending it.
AutoBill.makePayment Enters a payment against an AutoBill.
AutoBill.migrate Allows you to import data to Vindicia Subscribe for billing cycles completed through a different system.
AutoBill.modify Allows you to change an AutoBill, while maintaining its history.
AutoBill.redeemGiftCard Redeems a specified gift card, and adds equivalent credit to the AutoBill.
AutoBill.reversePayment Reverses an AutoBill payment made using makePayment. This method may only be used with payments using MerchantAcceptedPayment payment methods.
AutoBill.revokeCredit Deducts from credit available to an AutoBill. Time-based credit cannot be revoked.
AutoBill.settlementQuote The settlementQuote method generates a quote for the settlement amount that would result in an AutoBill.cancel call made with both the disentitle and settle parameters set to True.
AutoBill.update Creates a new AutoBill object, or updates an existing one.
AutoBill.updateCancelReason Creates or edits an AutoBillcancelReason.
AutoBill.writeOffInvoice Marks an Invoice object as writtenOff, the debt unable to be collected.

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