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The redeemGiftCard method redeems a gift card represented by the input GiftCard object, and grants the resultant amount of credit to the AutoBill. This method should be called after the statusInquiry() method is called on the GiftCard object provided as input to this method. If the statusInquiry() method indicates that status of the GiftCard object is Active, you may call this method. For more information, see The GiftCard Object.

For redemption of a gift card, CashBox contacts a gift card processor. (InComm is the only gift card processor with whom CashBox has a working relationship at this time.) If the gift card is redeemable, the processor returns an SKU or a UPC number. This number is unique for each type of gift card, and is defined by a prior agreement between you and the gift card processor. CashBox uses the number to look up a Product object with the same merchantProductId. CashBox then grants credit to the AutoBill as defined in the creditGranted attribute of the Product object. For each type of gift card you wish to accept, create (in advance) Product objects with the selected amount of credit specified in their creditGranted attributes.

CashBox currently supports only full redemption of the credit associated with a gift card.

See the Credit Subobject for more information on it and related subobjects. See Credit Grants and Gift Cards in the CashBox Programming Guide for more information on gift card redemption.


srd: sparse response description, a SOAP string (which must be a JSON object), in which you specify the elements you want returned.This parameter enables the calling system to constrain a method call to return only components you specify. This gives you greater control over returned content, and improves response time within the Vindicia platform by reducing the processing needed for the call.

Some fields are required, either practically or in the WSDL, and will be returned regardless of the srd. A null srd returns the complete response.

autobill: an AutoBill object to which you wish to grant credit, if redemption of the gift card is successful. Use the merchantAutoBillId or VID to identify the object.

giftcard: a GiftCard object encapsulating information about the gift card you wish to redeem. For more information, see The GiftCard Object. If you called the statusInquiry() method before calling this method, you should have the VID of the GiftCard object. Use the VID to identify the GiftCard.

credit: a Credit object specifying the amount and type of credit you wish to redeem. (This parameter is used with partial credit redemption, and is currently not in use.)


return: an object of type Return that indicates the success or failure of the call.

giftcard: the GiftCard that was redeemed, with an updated status.

autobill: the AutoBill input object to which CashBox grants credit if redemption of the input gift card is successful. This object contains the updated array of Credit objects.


In addition to those listed in Standard Return Codes, this call returns:

Return Code

Return String


One of the following:

  • AutoBill not found.
  • Failed to translate gift card error-description.
  • Failed to redeem gift card error-description.
  • Failed to retrieve gift card after redemption attempt.
  • Failed to save AutoBill after gift card redemption attempt.
  • Failed to reload AutoBill after gift card redemption attempt error-description.
  • Redemption attempt failed for Gift Card ID gift-card-details.


$abill = new AutoBill();

// autobill id for an existing subscription to which the customer
// wishes to redeem a gift card and add credit to the autobill


$gc = new GiftCard();

// set the VID of the gift card, obtained when we checked the
// status of the gift card and determined that it was active


// Now make the SOAP API call to redeem the gift card

$response = $abill->redeemGiftCard($gc);

if ($response['returnCode'] == 200) {

// Redemption successful. Check if credit was added to the autobill

$updatedABill = $response['data']->autobill;

$availableCredits = $updatedABill->getCredit();
$availableTokens = $availableCredits->getTokenAmounts();

print "Available token credits: \n";
foreach($availableTokens as $tkAmt) {

print "Token type: " . $tkAmt->getMerchantTokenId() . " ";
print "Amount: " . $tkAmt->getAmount() . "\n";


// Also make sure status of the gift card is 'Redeemed'

$updatedGc = $response['data']->giftcard;
print "Status of the gift card: ";
print $updatedGc->getStatus()->getStatus() . "\n";


else {

// Error while granting credit to the account
print $response['returnString'] . "\n";


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