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BillingPlan Data Members

BillingPlan Data Members

BillingPlan Data Members

The following tables list and describe the data members of the BillingPlan object and its subobjects.

Table 5-1:  BillingPlan Object Data Members

Data Members

Data Type




The transaction description on the customer’s billing statement from the bank when the customer is charged through this BillingPlan object. This field’s value and its format are constrained by your payment processor; consult with Vindicia Client Services before setting the value.

If GlobalCollect, MeS, Chase Paymentech or Litle is your payment processor, see Custom Billing Statement Identifier Requirements in the Vindicia Subscribe Programming Guide. 

brTaxCategory string The Brazilian tax category for this item.
cancelFees BillingPlanCancelFee List of early cancellation fees for various currencies. See the BillingPlanCancelFee Subobject.



If the Billing Period set repeats for multiple Seasons, this value defines the number of days before the Season begins that the Account should be billed. (Default is 0.)



Defines the number of days after a Season ends that Entitlements will remain Active.



Defines the number of days before the Season begins that Entitlements will become Active.



Your description of the Billing Plan.



Optional. A time stamp that specifies the expiration date for this BillingPlan object. This value is for your information only, and does not affect Vindicia Subscribe operations.



A Boolean flag that, if set to true, sets Entitlements to remain Active in the off-season. (Default is false.)



The length of time for which Entitlements are valid after the last Billing date.

gracePeriodOverride int Number of days after the billing date when, if payment is not received, the AutoBill is stopped and the customer is disentitled; overrides the global merchant default setting, if both are set.



Your unique identifier for this BillingPlan object. This value enables you to look up a BillingPlan object with the fetchByMerchantBillingPlanId method. Reference the plan with this ID when making a call that requires you to specify a billing plan.



An array of identifiers, specified by you, to define the customer’s entitlements. These IDs have special meaning in your application. For example, your application might contain logic such that the Gold Access ID enables a customer to access certain special features of your service.

Vindicia Subscribe returns these IDs to you inside Entitlement objects along with the dates till which they are considered valid for a given customer.

minimumCommitment int

Number of billing cycles the customer is contractually obligated to complete without possibly incurring a cancellation fee.

This setting is referenced by AutoBill.cancel(), which requires that the force flag be set to True to succeed if the minimum commitment has not been satisfied.



Optional. An array of name–value pairs, each of which enables you to include BillingPlan information other than that in the description field.

See The NameValuePair Object.



An array of items that describe the billing. The AutoBill object uses this array sequentially for actual billing transactions, enabling the creation of complex billing plans in numerous currencies, for example, one free month, followed by three months at $9.99/month, and then 12 months for $15.99/month.

For example, a Billing Plan may define a free trial period, followed by a monthly subscription service; or it may define a Seasonal Billing Plan, whereby a customer is billed only during the Season to which they are subscribed.



Optional. The number of days before an AutoBill object’s billing date to notify yourself or the customer of an impending billing.



If a Billing Period set repeats, this value defines the length of time after the first billing that the set should repeat.



The SeasonSet to which the Billing Plan applies. (May be null.)

See SeasonSet Data Members.



A Boolan flag that, if set to true, excludes initial free periods when repeating a Billing Period set. (Default is true.)



An enumerated string value that describes the current state of the BillingPlan object. This value is for your information only, and does not affect Vindicia Subscribe operations.

See the BillingPlanStatus Subobject.

taxClassification string A string that defines your tax classification for this BillinPlan. A null value in this field causes Vindicia Subscribe to use the tax classification associated with the primary Product of the AutoBill unless over-ridden by configuration in an external tax service (for example, Avalara). If you put a dash (–) in this field, no tax classification is sent to the tax service and Vindicia Subscribe reverts to the default behavior configured in your tax service.



The number of times the sequence of Billing Periods should be repeated. Valid input includes positive integers, or “unlimited.” (Default is null.)



Vindicia's Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) for this object. When creating a new BillingPlan object, leave this field blank; it will be automatically populated by Vindicia Subscribe.

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