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Price Criteria

Price Criteria

A phone number.

Price Criteria details used with telco carrier billing payment methods.

Name Type Description
object string Value is “PriceCriteria”
payment_provider PaymentProvider PaymentProvider selected for Transaction. Limited to Carrier Billing supported providers.
currency string ISO 4217 Currency Code for for either the static_price_inc_salestax, or the dynamic_target_price Overrides CarrierBilling.currency.
country_code string ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 countryCode for customer location. Overrides CarrierBilling.countryCode.
price_point_deviation_policy enum The price deviation policy for dynamic price selection. Value can be HiOnly,HiPreferred,LowOnly,LowPreferred,NearestNoPreference
dynamic_price_mode enum Specifies which price point element is matched by the dynamic pricing algorithm. Values can be PayoutGross,PayoutNet,Price
merchant_service_identifier string Service identifier for Payment Provider/Merchant.
sub_merchant_identifier string Optional identifier of sub-merchant associated with Transaction.
description string  
fwd_url string Overrides both the successful transaction forward-to URL and the failed transaction forward-to URL.
static_selection_row_ref integer Row number identifier in the static product/service price matrix
static_price_inc_sales_tax decimal Price including tax (the actual amount the consumer will pay). Used with Transactions with static ‘exact match’ pricing.
dynamic_deviation integer The percent deviation (+/- 1000) from the target value that is acceptable as a price point selection.
dynamic_match integer The percent deviation (+/- 1000) from the target value that is classified as an exact match.
dynamic_target_price decimal Target price in the specified currency for dynamic pricing.
  • cURL
  • Java

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