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Vindicia Retain Use Cases

Vindicia Retain Use Cases

All of the following use cases are generally expected to all be completed during an integration project with Vindicia Retain.  They reflect both work that is 100% at the merchant site as well as those specifically related to the Vindicia Retain integration.   

* Please note that the Use Case Number does not reflect the logical sequence.  

Use Case Number Vindicia Retain Use Case Title
SEL-001 Submit Failed Transactions for Recovery
SEL-002 Retrieve Results of Vindicia Retain Processing
SEL-003 Cancel Submitted Vindicia Retain Transactions
SEL-005 Refund Vindicia Retain Transactions
SEL-006 Mapping Request Data Fields For Vindicia Retain
SEL-007 Mapping Response Data Fields for Vindicia Retain
SEL-008 Identify Transaction Data Resulting from Vindicia Retain Processing and Plan for Follow-Up
SEL-009 Reconcile Recovered Transactions
SEL-010 Update Merchant System With Vindicia Retain Results
SEL-011 Gather Failed Payments And Prepare For Submission to Vindicia Retain
SEL-012 Prepare Data for Business Users to submit Production issues for Vindicia Retain to Vindicia Support

The following diagram illustrates is the logic sequence of Use Cases as they relate to collecting transaction data, and sending to, receiving from, and acting upon the data interacting with Select.


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