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Granting Credit

Granting Credit

CashBox allows you to grant Credit directly to a Product, Account, or AutoBill.

You can grant Token Credits only for pre-defined Token Types. For more information on working with Tokens, see Tokens.

Time, or Interval Credits, enable you to add free time intervals to the AutoBill. Time granted as a Credit extends the next billing date, without an additional charge to the customer. Use Time Credits to compensate your customers for inconvenience, or reward them for referring new customers.

You can apply Currency and Gift Card Credits only to Accounts and AutoBills, which then work in conjunction with the AutoBill’s Payment Method toward Billing Transactions.

All Credits are individually managed by CashBox and tracked through the system, enabling you to allocate Credit grants and revocations individually by timestamp, VID, or Sort Value.

When granting any type of credit, you can enter a reason for the credit grant in the Reason field in the AutoBill Grant Credit Dialog. This allows you to identify the purpose of the credit grant. You can additionally elect to have CashBox use the string value you enter in the Reason field to populate the Transaction Line Item Description field in the Transaction Details Page when any of the credit granted is consumed (see Transaction Details). If you choose to enable this option, bear in mind that anything you enter into this field is potentially customer facing. For more information and to enable this functionality, contact Vindicia Client Technical Support.

From the Account or AutoBill Details page, click the Grant Credit link at the top of the Credits pane to open the Grant Credit dialog. For Products, click the Credit Grants link to open the pane, and edit the Credits granted the Product.To edit Credits granted on a product, click the Credit Grants link to open the pane, and edit the Credits granted the Product.

Granting Credit to an AutoBill

CashBox allows you to grant Currency, Time, and Token Credits to an AutoBill. 

To open the AutoBill Grant Credit dialog, select Grant Credit from the AutoBill Details page.

The AutoBill Grant Credit Dialog appears.

AutoBill Grant Credit Dialog

To grant credit, select an Activity from the pulldown menu: Grant Credit, or Redeem Gift Card. Available fields will include only those Payment Methods associated with the Account to which this AutoBill is linked. For example, some Accounts do not include Tokens as Payment Methods; those Accounts will not list Tokens as an option in this dialog.

  1. To add a Token Credit, select the Token Type from the pulldown menu, and enter the number of Tokens to credit in the Amount field.

For more information, see Tokens.

 2. To add a Time Credit, select a time interval using the Years, Months, Weeks, and Days text fields.

  • Enter a Sort Value for the Credit. This value is used to determine the order in which Credits are redeemed.
  • Enter a Description, for tracking purposes.
  • Enter a Reason, for internal record keeping.
  • Click Add New Data... to add a name-value pair for the Credit Grant.

 3. To add a Currency Credit, enter an Amount in the text field.

  • Enter a Sort Value, Description, and Reason, as described above.
  • Click Add New Data... to add a name-value pair for the Credit Grant.

 4. Add a Note for the grant, if desired.

 5. Click Submit to save your credit grant to the AutoBill.

Granting Credit to an Account

CashBox allows you to grant Token and Currency Credits to Accounts.

The Grant Credit dialog for Accounts mirrors that for AutoBills. It is presented separately here for clarity only.

1. Select Grant Credit from the Account Details page, to open the Grant Credit dialog.

Grant Credit Dialog: Accounts

2. Select an Activity from the pulldown menu: Grant Credit, or Redeem Gift Card.

The dialog will update to reflect your selection.

3. To redeem a Gift Card, enter the Gift Card PIN in the field provided.

4. To grant Tokens, select the Credit Token Type from the pulldown menu, which lists all credit types defined for your CashBox system.

Enter the number of Tokens you wish to grant in the Amount field.

5. To add a Currency Credit, enter an Amount in the text field.

  • Enter a Sort ValueDescription, and Reason, as described for AutoBills, above.
  • Click Add New Data... to add a name-value pair for the Credit Grant.

6. Add a Note to describe the Transaction.

7. Click Submit to save your changes, and open the Credit Grant page for the Account, which lists their Total Credits.

Granting Credit to a Product

Products may be granted Token Credits.

Grant Tokens to a Product to enable customers to add Tokens to their Account by purchasing a Product. Acquiring a Product with a Token Grant adds the Token balance for that Token Type to the Account. Adding a Token-granting Product to an AutoBill adds the specified Tokens to the Account with each successful Billing.

For more information, see Tokens.

To add Token Grants to a Product, open the Token Grants pane on the Create or Edit Product page.

Edit Product: Credit Grants

The Token Grants pane lists Grants assigned to the Product, if any, and an Add Token Grant button. Each Token Grant associated with the Product is listed separately, with its own Token Type pulldown menu, a corresponding Quantity field, and a Delete button.

To edit an existing Token grant, select a new Token Type from the pulldown menu, or edit the Quantity.

Click Delete to remove a Token Grant from a Product.

Note Deleting a Token Type from a Product does not delete it from your CashBox system. The Token Type is still available to add to this or any other Product from the Token Type dropdown list.

To add new Token Grants to the Product, click Add Token Grant.

  • Select a Token Type from the pulldown menu, and enter the number of Tokens to grant in the Quantity field.

Multiple Tokens, of multiple Token Types, may be added to a single Product.

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