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Credit Card Recurring Billing

Credit Card Recurring Billing

The following diagram describes the Payment Capture flow for recurring billing when customers provide a Payment Method of credit card.

Payment Capture Flow: Recurring Billing and Credit Cards

For recurring billing with Credit Cards:

  • CashBox sends a Pre-Bill, End of Trial, or Expiration notification.
  • CashBox performs an internal validity check to ensure Account and Payment Method information meets an internal consistency check.
  • If the transaction passes the validity check, processing continues.
  • If the transaction fails, then CashBox sends a Hard Failure notification.
  • If the customer opts out of the subscription via the merchant’s customer self-service portal after a Pre-Bill notification has been sent, then CashBox sends a Cancellation notification.
  • The merchant defines how many days before subscription expiration that billing should be attempted. For as long as a customer does not opt out of a subscription, CashBox continues to submit a billing transaction to the payment processor.
  • If the transaction Authorization/Capture is successful (determined by the reason code returned from the payment processor), CashBox sends a Success notification.
  • If the payment processor returns a reason code that indicates a failure (for example, a Hard Fail if the card is longer valid or the account is closed, or Soft Fail if there are insufficient funds) CashBox makes another attempt to process the transaction (see below).
  • If the merchant has enabled Card Updater with the payment processor, and the response resulted in Hard Fail, CashBox sends a request for an updated card to the payment processor.
  • If the payment processor returns an updated card CashBox changes the transaction status to Soft Fail. All Soft Fails are resubmitted to the payment processor according to the event retry schedule defined by the merchant, and in the meantime CashBox sends a Soft Fail notification if the merchant has defined one.
  • A transactions that results in a Hard Fail is not resubmitted to the payment processor, but Hard Fail notification messages are sent according to the event retry schedule defined by the merchant.
  • If a customer updates a Payment Method, a custom merchant application can make a Catch Up Billing call to perform another billing attempt. If successfully captured, CashBox sends a Success notification.
  • If a transaction is refunded, CashBox sends a Refund notification.

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