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EDD One-Time Transactions

EDD One-Time Transactions

The following diagram describes the Payment Capture flow for one-time transactions when customers provide a Payment Method of EDD.

Payment Capture Flow: One-Time Transactions and EDD

For one-time transactions with EDD:

  • A merchant sends a transaction to CashBox to perform an internal validity check to ensure that the account and payment-method information meets the internal consistency criteria.
  • Optionally, the merchant can call the ChargeGuard Fraud Screen tool to determine the chargeback probability.
  • If the transaction passes the validity check and, in the case of a calculation of the chargeback probability, is within the fraud-screen threshold, either CashBox submits the transaction for processing or the merchant application performs additional work before submitting the transaction for processing.
  • If the transaction fails the validity test, CashBox returns a failure reason code. In the case of a calculation of the chargeback probability, CashBox also returns a fraud-screen score.
  • CashBox submits the transaction to the payment processor.
  • The payment processor validates the transaction against the processor's internal negative file.
  • Next, the payment processor validates the Bank Sort Code to ensure that it references a confirmed bank and is in the correct structure for that bank before the deposit occurs.
  • After the transaction is deposited, CashBox sends the customer a One-Time Inbound or Outbound Success notification.
  • The payment processor submits the transaction to the appropriate payment network. Following network rules, the payment network either deposits the funds into the merchant account or notifies CashBox of any declines. One of the following events then occurs:
  • If the deposit is not declined after the payment-processor-specific number of banking days (currently four days) have elapsed, CashBox marks the transaction Captured.
  • If the deposit is declined due to insufficient funds, the payment processor retries the deposit after the number of days predefined by you have elapsed. CashBox then waits for another deposit cycle (four banking days).
  • If the customer's transaction is declined, CashBox marks the transaction as a Hard Fail and sends the customer a Hard Fail notification.
  • If a transaction is refunded, CashBox sends the customer a Refund notification.

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