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Sales Tax Detail Report

Sales Tax Detail Report

The Tax Detail report lists all collected tax information for Transactions completed during the selected time period, sorted by Country, State, County, and District.

Sales Tax Detail Report Setup

Select a data range, and click Submit to generate the report.

Tax Detail Report

When you output the Sales Tax Detail Report to a CSV file, you see more granular tax information, including data about the Avalara tax jurisdictions.


Example Tax Detail CSV File

This CSV output includes the following Sales Tax Detail CSV fields:



Record Type

The tax event, such as Transaction or Refund.

Tax Jurisdiction Name

The name of the tax jurisdiction. For example, the name of the country, state, 
province, or city.

Tax Jurisdiction ID

The Avalara tax jurisdiction identifier, such as County_081.

Tax Jurisdiction Type

The type of jurisdiction that imposes the tax, such as County or State.

Tax Address Country

The address that is used for tax calculations.

Tax Address 

The state or province that is used for tax calculations.

Tax Address County

The county that is used for tax calculations.

Tax Address City

The city that is used for tax calculations.

Tax Postal Code

The postal code that is used for tax calculations.

Tax Collector

Lists the tax collector to whom payment should be sent.

Transaction ID

The CashBox identifier for the transaction.


The date and time that the transaction is processed.


The amount of the transaction.

Pre-Tax Total The amount of the transaction before taxes.

Tax Amount

Lists the amount of tax collected.


Lists the currency in which the tax was collected.

Refund ID

Identifier for any tax refunds that were applied.


The date and time the refund is processed.

Refund Amount

The amount of the refund.

Account ID

The Account ID that you define.


The AutoBill ID that you define.

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