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Using the CashBox Portal

Using the CashBox Portal

The CashBox portal is a web-based interface to the CashBox system. Navigating the portal follows the rules and conventions of navigating any other web-based interface. Click on a link to go to that page. Mouse over a menu item to open the pulldown menu. Enter data in text fields, and click the Submit button to save your changes and move on to the next page.

CashBox is similar to other web applications in that you should not use your browser’s back and forward buttons to move through it. Doing so may result in lost or corrupted data. Be certain to use the interface Submit and Cancel buttons and links to other pages to move through CashBox.

CashBox Portal Workflow

To use the CashBox Portal:

  • Designate your Authorized Users.
  • Assign roles to your users to determine their level of access to your CashBox and ChargeGuard data.
  • Request and receive an initial login and password for each designated Authorized User from Vindicia Client Services.
  • Access the CashBox portal through the main Vindicia website.
  • Log into the portal.
  • Perform tasks.
  • Log out.


While the CashBox portal does not automatically link your internal database to the CashBox system; the CashBox API, an application programming interface (API) for CashBox, does provide this functionality.

Use the CashBox API to design a custom interface to create, edit and manage your customer Accounts, Transactions, Products, Billing Plans and AutoBills, and to link and synchronize your internal data with CashBox.

You may also use the CashBox API to integrate tasks performed through the CashBox portal with your own Customer Service, Customer Self-Service, Financial, and Business tools that perform merchant specific logic.

Caution: Using the CashBox API to create custom applications, and then giving authorized users access to your data through the CashBox portal, may create unexpected results if CashBox portal data entry bypasses your API implementation logic.

For more information about using the CashBox portal and the CashBox API together, see Using CashBox with Your Custom Application.

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