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Making Payments to an Account

Making Payments to an Account

Vindicia Subscribe allows you to enter information for payments made to Accounts by means other than through the automated system. These payments may be made by cash, check, services-in-trade, or any other acceptable method.

You may use the Record Payment page to manually enter payment information which will not pass through your Payment Processor, or to add payment information which will pass through your Payment Processor. For instance, if you accept a check or money order for payment, you may enter the payment information here, and deposit the check in your bank account. Vindicia Subscribe will track the payment record, but the transaction will not pass through your payment processor.

You may also use Record Payment to enter credit card payments, which will pass through your payment processor. If your customer has an outstanding invoice, and they authorize payment through a credit card you have already defined as a Payment Method for the Account, you may use the Record Payment page to apply that Payment Method to the Invoice. Vindicia Subscribe will run the Transaction through your Payment Processor, just as it would an automated, recurring payment for an AutoBill.

To access the Record Payment page, click Make Payment from the Account or AutoBill Details page.

Clicking the Make Payment link for an Account paid in full will open a warning.:

Record Payment Page

To Record a Payment:

1. Select a Payment Method from the pulldown menu.

All Methods available to the Account will be listed, as well as:

  • Check: Merchant Recorded allows you to enter Check information.
  • Other: Merchant Recorded allows you to enter other information.

Selecting a Payment Method dictates the fields available for payment information entry.

2. Depending on the Payment Method selected, enter payment details.

  • Enter the Amount Paid.
  • Select a Currency from the pulldown menu.
  • Enter a Date to record the payment.
  • Enter a Payment ID.
  • Enter a Payment Type. This is a merchant-defined text field. Be certain to be consistent in your naming practices, so that this field may be used to search or sort your Recorded Payments.
  • Enter the Account Number to which the Payment should be made.

3. Click Apply to all future AutoBills to apply the selected method to all future AutoBills for this Account.

4. Select the Invoice to which this payment should apply.

The Invoice pane lists all open Invoices.

Click on an Invoice number to open the Invoice Details page for the Invoice.

5. Select the method by which any payment left after paying the Invoice will be applied:

  • Apply to AutoBill Associated with Selected Invoice will apply the overage to the selected Invoice’s AutoBill.
  • Apply to Oldest Invoice will apply the overage to the oldest open Invoice associated with the Account.
  • Apply to Credit will apply the overage to the Currency Credit balance associated with the Account.

6. Use the Notation field to enter a note associated with the payment.

7. Click Submit to save your changes.

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