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Searching for Accounts

Searching for Accounts

To access Accounts, select Search > Accounts from the menu bar to open the Account Search page.


Account Search Page

The Account Search page allows you to specify criteria for the Account or group of Accounts you wish to view. For example, you might want to see all Accounts for customers named Smith, or see Accounts where the payment method is CreditCard and the last four digits of the customer's account number are 1111.

To search for a specific Account or group of Accounts:

1. Specify your search criteria on the Account Search page. Search fields are case sensitive.

2. Select Printer Friendly to return your search results in a printable format, or CSV Downloadto download the results as a CSV file.

3. Click Submit to process your request.

The following table describes the available Account search parameters.



Created Date Range

Define a range of creation dates to search. Use the Calendar picker to select your date range, or enter dates directly in the fields.

Merchant Customer ID

Enter the exact Customer ID to match. (Case sensitive.)

Customer Name

Enter part or all of customer name to match. (Case insensitive.)

Customer Email

Enter a complete email address to match. (Case insensitive.)

Payment Method Type

Select a payment type to match from the dropdown list.

Depending on the Payment Method Type selected, Vindicia Subscribe displays additional information fields in which you must specify additional information. For example, if Payment Method Type is CreditCard, you must enter the last four digits of the credit card; if Payment Method Type is ECP, you must enter the bank routing and account numbers.

Vindicia Subscribe uses the information provided to generate a list of all Accounts that match your search criteria on the Accounts List page.

Accounts List Page

From the Accounts List page, click on the Customer ID to open the Account Details page for the selected AutoBill. Click Create New Account to create a new Account, or click Download as CSV to download the Account list as a CSV file.

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