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Stopping an AutoBill

Stopping an AutoBill

Use the Edit AutoBill Details page to stop or cancel an AutoBill. AutoBills are typically canceled when customers request a refund, decide they no longer want a service or product, or if there is a chargeback associated with a product or service.

Note An AutoBill cannot be restarted once it is stopped.

To stop or cancel an AutoBill:

1. Click the Stop AutoBill button at the top of the Edit AutoBill Details page to open the Stop AutoBill options pane.


Stop an AutoBill

2. To notify the customer of an AutoBill cancellation, or give a refund, check one or both of the boxes:

  • Send AutoBill Stop Noticesends a notice to the customer when the cancellation is to take effect.
  • Give the customer a Refund for their unused timesubmits a refund to the customer for any unused portion of the pre-paid service (proration calculated by days).
  • Optional Early Cancel Fee Policy:
    • Waive Cancel Fee—the default.
    • • Prorate Cancel Fee—calculate fee based on time remaining in the commit period. 
    • Full Cancel Fee—apply the full early cancellation fee.

3. To provide a reason for the cancellation, click Optional Cancel Reason Code and select a Cancel Reason Code from the dropdown menu..

Cancel Reason Codes are very useful for tracking activity on Accounts, and are strongly recommended. If none of the predefined cancel reasons meets your needs, you can create your own cancel reasons—see Section 7.6: Creating Cancel Reason Codes.

4. Select an Entitlement Termination Option.

  • Allow Customer Access Until End of Current Entitlement Period, the default option, allows a customer continued access to a Product or service already paid for through the end of the billing period, with no auto-renewal. Or click to toggle this field to:
  • Terminate customer access immediately, which ends all entitlement today and, if you have checked Give the customer a Refund for their unused time, above, renders the remaining unused portion as a refund.

5. Click Stop AutoBill to cancel the AutoBill. (To exit without stopping or canceling the AutoBill, click the x in the upper left of the Stop AutoBill dialog, or scroll to the bottom of the Edit AutoBill Details page and click Cancel.)

When you stop an AutoBill, its Legacy Billing Status, as reported on the AutoBill Details page, is changed to Stopped, and Entitlement(s) Active is set to Yes or No depending on the Entitlement Termination Option. Its Status will be Pending Cancellation or Cancelled depending on whether it was effective immediately or entitled through the billing period; and Billing State will reflect the current billing state of the AutoBill.

The AutoBill status on the customer Account is also set to Stopped when you cancel an AutoBill, and all future billing dates associated with the AutoBill are removed.

Stopping an AutoBill on the Day It Is Billed

If you attempt to stop an AutoBill on the same day that it is due to be billed, there is a small window of time during which a customer might still be billed even if the cancellation succeeds. This condition occurs when Vindicia Subscribe has already submitted a billing Transaction on the AutoBill to a payment processor. If this condition occurs when you stop an AutoBill, Vindicia Subscribe displays the following warning message:

“The AutoBill was successfully cancelled. However, the transaction listed below is being processed and was not able to be cancelled automatically. You may need to take additional steps to fulfill the customer’s request.
“Transaction ID: <transaction_ID>, Current Transaction Disposition Status:<status>


  • <transaction_ID> is the Transaction identifier for the transaction that is in process.
  • <status> is one of the following:
    • New: The transaction may result in a captured transaction because internal systems may already have picked up the transaction for processing. This message can occur when the transaction payment method is CreditCard, ECP, PayPal, Skrill, or Boleto.
    • Authorized: The Fiscal Number has been verified and the Boleto Bancario slip to print has been sent to the customer via the merchant. There is no way to cancel this transaction because the transaction is now in the customer’s hand. This situation should not result in a billing event because fulfillment is dependent on customer action. This message can occur when the payment method is Boleto.
    • DepositRetryPending: A retry is already being processed in the payment processor system that may result in a successfully completed transaction. There is no way to cancel retries that are being performed in payment processor systems. If there are sufficient funds in the customer’s account, the transaction could be completed. This message can occur when payment method is ECP (ACH or CPA).
    • AuthorizationPending: The transaction is awaiting authorization by the customer, and may result in a successful transaction if the customer completes the Authorization process (PayPal first time setup only).

For more information about Accounts, see Accounts.

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