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Upgrading an AutoBill

Upgrading an AutoBill

Upgrading an AutoBill allows you to add Products or change the Billing Plan for an AutoBill, without cancelling the original, or losing the customer history associated with the AutoBill.

Note Only active AutoBills, with active Entitlements, may be Upgraded. Inactive AutoBills, and active AutoBills with inactive Entitlements, may be edited, but not Upgraded. AutoBills with Rate Plan priced Products may not be upgraded.

To upgrade an AutoBill:

1. Click the Upgrade AutoBill link in the upper right corner of the AutoBill Details page to open the Upgrade AutoBill page.

Upgrade AutoBill Page

The Upgrade AutoBill page contains two sections. The top pane lists information about the current AutoBill. The bottom pane provides fields with which you may upgrade the AutoBill.

2. Assign the upgraded AutoBill a new AutoBill ID. This ID must be unique to your system, and different from the previous ID, if you wish to be able to track the entire history of the AutoBill, from original, to upgraded.

3. Change the Product or Billing Plan, as desired.

  • Click Product Details or Plan Details to open a Details pane for the selected Product or Plan.
  • Click Select Default Plan for Product to automatically enter the default Billing Plan for the selected Product.

4. Select an Effective Date for the change.

  • Restart makes the upgrade effective the start date of the original AutoBill. This allows you to bill your customer at the upgraded rate from the beginning of their subscription. Vindicia Subscribe may refund or charge any difference in fees, if desired.
  • Today makes the upgrade effective today. Vindicia Subscribe may be set to calculate and refund or charge any prorated difference between the original and the upgraded AutoBill, refunding the amount paid for the rest of the billing cycle under the old AutoBill, and charging the rest of the billing cycle at the new AutoBill rate. Selecting Effective Date: Today also resets the billing date for the AutoBill.
  • Next begins the upgrade at the beginning of the next billing cycle, as defined in the Billing Plan.
  • Integer (0 - 100) backdates the upgrade to the beginning of the previous billing cycle, as defined by the integer. 0 begins the upgrade at the beginning of the next billing cycle. 1 begins the upgrade at the beginning of the last (current) billing cycle.

5. Return Cost without performing upgrade allows you to estimate the change in cost to your customer, without performing the upgrade. Select Y to return the cost estimate. Select N to proceed with the upgrade.

6. Return any applicable funds to customer as a refund allows you to return the difference in cost between the (paid) original AutoBill, and the (unpaid) upgraded AutoBill.

Upgrading an AutoBill will sometimes result in lowered cost to your customer. If the AutoBill is set to become effective in the past, or in the middle of the present billing cycle, your customer may have already paid for a more expensive AutoBill. This option allows you to refund the difference in cost between the old and the new AutoBill. Not all payment methods will automatically process refunds.

  • Select Credit to credit the customer’s account with the difference, and apply it to future Billing Cycles.
  • Select Refund to refund the difference to your customer.

7. Select whether or not to Pro Rate Incremental Charges. Select Y to prorate the remainder of the billing cycle, and either refund or bill your customer for the difference. Select N to complete the current billing cycle at the current rate, and begin the new price effective at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

This option is applicable only if an Effective Date: Today has been selected. Any other Effective Date selected will set the upgrade to occur at the beginning of a billing cycle, which will not, therefore, incur any prorated charges.

8. Click Submit to save your upgrade, or Cancel to return to the AutoBill Details page.

When you click Submit, the previous AutoBill status is set to Upgraded, the new, upgraded AutoBill is created, with any charges or refunds generated by the upgrade automatically added to it. Customers do not receive a cancellation notice for the old AutoBill.

For more information on the fields displayed, see Vindicia Subscribe AutoBill Parameters.

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