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Editing Billing Plans

Editing Billing Plans

Vindicia Subscribe allows you to edit Billing Plans which are not associated with an Active AutoBill. If the Billing Plan is used for an Active AutoBill, only the Price per Cycle field may be edited.

1. Click Edit Billing Plan in the top right corner of the Billing Plan Details page to open the Edit Billing Plan Details page.


Edit Billing Plan Details Page

The Edit Billing Plan Details page is divided into panels. The top panel allows you to modify general information for the Billing Plan. The next panel displays information for each Billing Period associated with the Billing Plan. Beneath that, expandable panes display Entitlements and Custom Billing Plan Data associated with the Plan.

For more information on the available fields, see Vindicia Subscribe Billing Plan Parameters.

2. Modify the existing Billing Plan data as desired.

Editing Billing Plans allows you to quickly and efficiently expand Product lines and services. For example, you may edit an existing Billing Plan to add Billing Periods, or to change the Entitlements associated with the Plan. Be certain to control your Authorized User access, to prevent cross-purposes editing. For example, you may not want to change the Billing Plan ID, orBilling Statement ID for a Billing Plan that is linked to Products or AutoBills.

Note Changing the pricing structure for a Billing Plan will change the price for any active AutoBills associated with the plan. If your customer has already received a pre-billing notification before you change the Billing Plan’s price, but before they are billed, they will be charged the old price for that Billing Cycle. If they have not received a pre-billing notification, the new Billing Plan price will take effect upon the next Billing Cycle.

Billing Plans associated with an active AutoBill are not fully editable; only their Cost per Cycle may be changed.

For more information, see , and .

3. Click Submit to save your changes, and return to the Manage Billing Plans list page.

Searching for Billing Plans

To search for a specific Billing Plan or group of Billing Plans:

  • Click Search Billing Plans... in the upper right corner of the Manage Billing Plans page to display the Billing Plan Search page:

Billing Plan Search Page

You may search for Billing Plans by Billing Plan ID, Billing Plan Description, Customer Billing Identifier, Billing Plan Status, or Billing Plan Transaction type.



Billing Plan ID

Specify a (complete) Billing Plan ID to search for. Case insensitive.

Billing Plan Description

Specify all or part of a Billing Plan Description on which to search. Case insensitive.

Customer Billing Identifier

Specify a Billing Statement ID to search for. Case insensitive.

This field is labeled Billing Statement ID elsewhere in the application.

Billing Plan Status

Select a Billing Plan status for which to search. Selections are:

  • All Billing Plans
  • Active Billing Plans
  • Inactive Billing Plans

Transacted In

Select the transaction method used to bill with this plan.

  • Any (default) returns all Billing Plans that match other search criteria, regardless of billing method.
  • Token returns only Billing Plans that are billed in Tokens.
  • Currency returns only Billing Plans that are billed in Currency.

Printer Friendly

Displays search results in a printable format.

Vindicia Subscribe uses the information provided to generate a list of all matching Billing Plans within your Vindicia Subscribe system. If you do not provide any search criteria, all Billing Plans in your account will be returned.

After entering Search parameters, click the Choose display columns link to select the information you wish to display on the Billing Plans List page when Vindicia Subscribe returns your search.

The following table describes the available Display options.




Billing Plan Identifier

Checked by default. When checked, lists the ID for each Billing Plan.

Billing Plan Description

Checked by default. When checked, displays a brief text description of each Billing Plan, if defined.

Billing Plan Status

Checked by default. When checked, displays the status of each Billing Plan in the results: Active or Inactive.

Customer Billing Identifier

If checked, displays the Billing Statement ID associated with each Billing Plan, if defined.

Pre-Notify Days

If checked, displays the number of days prior to a billing date that a billing renewal statement will be sent to customers subscribed to the listed Plan.

End of Life (Date)

If checked, displays the date on which the Billing Plan will expire, if the date has been defined.

Transacted In

If checked, displays the method used to bill with this plan: Currency or Token.

To search for a specific Billing Plan or group of related plans:

  1. Enter your search criteria.
  2. Check the desired search display options.
  3. Click the Submit button to process your search, and open the Billing Plans List page.

Billing Plans List Page

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