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Seasonal Billing Plans

Seasonal Billing Plans

Seasonal Billing allows you to create subscriptions in which Entitlements are active during a defined time-frame, and inactive at other times. With a Season Set, an AutoBill may bill and renew according to one schedule, while granting entitlements only during defined Seasons (which may differ from the billing schedule). For example, an AutoBill may bill twice, in September and October, but grant Entitlements for the entirety of football season, September to December.

Seasonal Billing Plans allow you to separate the timing of an AutoBill’s payment schedule from the Entitlements the AutoBill activates..

Seasonal Billing Plans allow you to create subscriptions for which Entitlements are active during a defined time-frame, and inactive at other times, while the AutoBill bills and renews according to a different schedule.

To enable Seasonal Billing Plans, you must first create Season Sets, which may then be applied to the Billing Periods. Seasons are simply a DescriptionStart and End Date. Season Sets are simply a collection of sequential Seasons.

Creating Season Sets

Go to Manage > Season Sets to open the Manage Season Sets page, then click Create Season Set in the upper right corner of the page to open the Create New Season Set page.

Create New Season Set Page

1. Enter a Season Set ID.

2. Define the Seasons to be included in this Set.

  • Enter a Season Description.
  • Select a Start and End Date.

3. Click Add Season to add more seasons to the Season Set.

4. Add Custom Season Set Data, if desired.

5. Click Submit to create the new Season Set.

Editing Season Sets

To edit Season Sets, go to Manage > Season Sets, click on the Season Set you wish to edit, then click the Edit Season Set button in the top right corner of the Season Set Details page.

Edit Season Set Page

Make any desired changes, and click Submit.

Note You may not edit Seasons in the past.

Managing Season Sets

The Manage Season Sets page lists all available Season Sets in your Vindicia Subscribe system. From this page, you may create new, or edit existing Season Sets.

Manage Season Sets Page

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