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Applying Campaigns to Billing Transactions

Applying Campaigns to Billing Transactions

Vindicia Subscribe automates the application of Campaigns to AutoBills.

To enable Campaigns, configure your storefront to accept a Campaign Code when your customer makes a purchase. Then, pass that Code to Vindicia Subscribe with other AutoBill information.

Vindicia Subscribe will validate the Code to make certain that the Campaign Code is accurate, that it is applicable to one or more Products on the AutoBill, and that it is still within its offer period. Vindicia Subscribe also checks to make certain that a Coupon Code has not yet been submitted more times than was allowed in its creation, and that a Promotion Code has not yet been used for the AutoBill to which it is applied.

Vindicia Subscribe will then automatically calculate any changes to the Billing Transaction, resulting from the redemption of a Coupon or Promotion Code, based on the Campaign details.

  • Calculates the amount for the Billing Period(s), up to and including the total charge for the Period. (Campaigns will never result in a credit to the Account.)
  • Calculates the sales tax based on the discounted, rather than the original amount, for the Campaign.
  • Re-validates an applied Coupon or Promotion when upgrading, downgrading, or side-grading an AutoBill.
  • Calculates the applicable Promotion or Coupon discount when prorating an Account during upgrade.

Campaign Codes on AutoBills with multiple Products will be applied to all eligible Products that do not yet have a Campaign discount associated with them.

Campaign discounts are "pre-tax." For example, on a bill that is $100, with a 25% off promotion, and 10% sales tax, the total billed would be $82.50.

Product                         $100.00

Campaign discount       -$25.00

Sub-total                        $75.00

Sales tax                          $7.50

Total                               $82.50


Credits work differently than discounts; discounts are pre-tax, and Credits are post-tax. In the example above, given a $100 Product, and a $25 Credit, Vindicia Subscribe would first calculate the taxed, billable amount ($100 + 10% = $110), and then deduct the Credit ($110 - $25 = $85), for a total of $85.

Credits are always flat amounts, and are never a percentage of the total bill. For more information about granting and removing credits with Vindicia Subscribe, see Credits.

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