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Managing Campaigns

Managing Campaigns

To access your Campaigns, go to Manage > Campaigns to open the Manage Campaigns page.

Manage Campaigns Page

Use the Manage Campaigns page to examine your existing Campaigns, select a Campaign for a more detailed display, or create a new Campaign.

From the Manage Campaigns page you can

  • Click Create New Campaign to open the Create New Campaign page.
  • Click on a header to sort your list.
  • Click Download as CSV to download the page contents as a CSV file.
  • Click on a Campaign Name to open the Campaign Details page.

A Campaign can be in one of the following states:

  • Cancelled: the Campaign has been manually cancelled; its Campaign Codes are no longer valid
  • Pending: the Campaign's start date has not yet reached, and the Campaign Code may not yet be used
  • Active: the Campaign is well defined, and between its start and end dates
  • Complete: the Campaign's end date is in the past, and the Campaign may no longer be used
  • Inactive: the Campaign has been marked Inactive, and may not currently be used

Creating Campaigns

To create a new Campaign, click Create New Campaign in the upper right of the Manage Campaignspage to open the Create New Campaign page.

Create New Campaign Page

The Create New Campaign page is used to define the components of a Campaign. The options shown change depending on the type of Campaign selected (Coupon or Promotion).

Note Most of these fields will never be visible to your customers. Your customers will see only the Promotion and Coupon Codes. Campaign details will be visible to your customers only if you expose them in your storefront.

  1. Enter a descriptive Campaign Name.
  2. Define a unique Campaign ID for your Campaign.
  3. Enter a short Description, if desired.
  4. Select an Offer Start and End Date. These dates define the period during which a Campaign Code may be submitted for redemption. A Campaign may offer a discount which extends beyond this period, but the customer must redeem the Code within this period.

For example, a campaign code for both rolling and fixed period promotions must be submitted between the Offer Start and End Dates to be valid. In both cases, submitting the promotion code during this period will trigger the campaign discount. For a rolling period campaign, the discount will be applied for the defined number of billing cycles.

For a fixed period promotion, the discount will be applied until the promotion’s end date.

Note For rolling promotion campaigns spanning multiple billing periods, the billing terms must be homogeneous. You cannot offer a rolling campaign if the Billing Plan has varied term lengths. Free cycles are ignored.

5.  Select the Coupon or Promotion radio button to define whether your Campaign will be a Coupon, or a Promotion. The Campaign options panes will reflect your selection.

Create New Campaign Page: Promotion

For Both Coupon and Promotion Campaigns:

1. Move selected products to the Discounted Products pane.

2. Move selected billing plans to the Discounted Billing Plans pane.

Note You can only apply a coupon code or promotion code to discounted products or billing plans if Vindicia Subscribe lists them as eligible.

3. Define the Campaign Grant. You can enter a grant amount and select a Currency for flat discounts, a grant Percentage, or a number of Time periods (Days/Weeks/Months/Years) of extended entitlements.

4. Select a Campaign Duration for the discount. Campaign discounts may be offered for a specified number of Billing Cycles, or for a limited time. Time-based Campaigns are limited to one Billing Cycle.

Selecting Billing Cycles for this offer will apply the discount for the specified number of Cycles. Selecting an expiration date for this offer will apply the discount to all Billing Cycles which bill before the specified date.

5. Click the New Subscriptions Only checkbox to limit the Campaign to new subscriptions, and to prevent it from being applied to existing AutoBills.

For Promotion Campaigns:

1. Enter a Promotion Code. This field allows you to define the alphanumeric string that will be used to redeem the Promotion’s discount.

2. Add an Alias, if desired. Aliases allow you to enter alternate Promotion Codes that will be accepted by Vindicia Subscribe for this Campaign.

Create New Campaign Page: Coupon

For Coupon Campaigns:

1. Use the Max Redemptions pulldown to set the maximum number of different AutoBills to which a single Coupon Code may be applied.

2. Select the Requires activation before use checkbox to require that the Coupons for the Campaign be manually activated before they may be applied.

If checked, Coupons must be activated individually, using the Vindicia Subscribe API. For more information, see The Campaign Object in the Vindicia Subscribe API Guide. 

Note All Campaigns must be manually activated to change status from Pending to Active.

Campaign Status and Coupon Status differ; both must be Active for a Coupon Campaign discount to be applied.

3. Use the Quantity field to enter the number of Coupon Codes to create for the Campaign.

Enter a Prefix to be used as the prefix for all generated Coupon Codes.

Enter a Separator character to be used to separate the Coupon Prefix string and the Coupon Code string, if desired. Valid characters include any printable ASCII text symbol, that is neither a letter nor a number.

Note If you use a separator character between the Coupon Prefix string and the Coupon Code string, do not also use one in your prefix, as that might cause confusion about what is actually the prefix. The coupon prefix and autogenerated code: Holiday-2015-934sd553, for example, is ambiguous. Holiday2015-934sd553 is not.

Generating Coupon Codes

When you click Submit to create a new Coupon Campaign, Vindicia Subscribe opens the Campaign Details window, with the newly created Campaign in the Pending state.


Campaign Detail Page: Pending Status

Verify that the parameters you have set for your Campaign are correct, then, in the Coupon Codes pane of the Page, click Generate Coupon Codes. Requests near the maximum one million codes can take 2-5 minutes to complete. However, the codes will not be immediately usable—after the file downloads, if you refresh the Portal web page, or at any point revisit the Campaign Details page in the portal, you will see that a progress bar has replaced the Generate Coupon Codes button. Only when the progress bar completes will the entire code set be usable in Vindicia Subscribe. This is usually within minutes of generation, but for large code sets or during peak hours, it can take up to several hours. For code sets larger than one million individual codes, contact Vindicia Technical Support. 

When code generation is complete, click the Retrieve Coupon Codes button to download your generated file. The resulting campaign_codes.tsv (tab-separated values) file contains five columns but no header row to identify them, as shown in this excerpt:

1 jw:CUEXP5SC6UV4XSM6 jw5232018 54fd61e2fa419d1351417458b3262fad2c779d28 0

2 jw:YSA6MEWCUNK36NCN jw5232018 54fd61e2fa419d1351417458b3262fad2c779d28 0

3 jw:3FGCH4EJ5NUHFS8H jw5232018 54fd61e2fa419d1351417458b3262fad2c779d28 0

4 jw:4DBRWVG7N49PABRX jw5232018 54fd61e2fa419d1351417458b3262fad2c779d28 0 

The following table breaks out the tab-separated code values as they appear, from left to right, in the above file.

Coupon Code Sequence Coupon Code Campaign ID Campaign VID Campaign Coupon Index Number

















Tab-separated values are defined as follows:

  • Coupon Code Sequence—sequence ID within the code set, from 1 to the number of codes generated
  • Coupon Code—randomly generated 16-character alphanumeric string, which is the code of the individual coupon. This is what the customer enters to redeem the code
  • Campaign ID—merchant campaign identifier of the related campaign
  •  Campaign VID—Vindicia ID of the related campaign 
  •  Campaign Coupon Index Number—sequence ID, for use with future functionality, 0 for current campaigns

When code generation is complete, the following options become available in the Coupon Codes pane of the:

  • Mark All Coupons Used—marks all generated coupons as used, and unavailable for redemption.
  • Retrieve Coupon Codes—allows you to download a file listing your generated coupon codes.
  • Regenerate Coupon Codes—allows you to generate new coupon codes for the Campaign.

After you retrieve your codes, you must click Activate Campaign to enable your customers to submit their Coupons.

Warning Do not activate your coupon campaign before generating coupon codes. Once active, coupon codes can be regenerated for a campaign, but Vindicia Subscribe will not generate the initial set of coupon codes for a campaign that has already been activated.

Viewing Campaign Details

To view Campaign details, click on a Campaign listed in the Manage Campaigns page.


Campaign Detail Page: Coupons

The Campaign Details page lists the Campaign name and current Status at the top of the page.

The Campaign Details page displays a subset of the following buttons. Only those actions available to the current Status of your Campaign are shown.

  • Click Cancel Campaign to permanently cancel the Campaign, and all of its existing Campaign Codes.
  • Click Clone Campaign to make a copy of the current campaignCampaign by opening and pre-populating the Create New Campaign page. To clone a Campaign, you must enter a unique Campaign Name, ID, and Series.
  • Click Deactivate Campaign to temporarily disable the Campaign. If a Campaign is deactivated, customers entering the Codes for the Campaign will receive an error, and will not receive any previously applicable discount. (This option is displayed only for Active Campaigns.)
  • Click New Campaign to open the Create New Campaign page.
  • For inactive or pending Campaigns, click Activate Campaign to activate the Campaign, allowing its Campaign Codes to be redeemed.
  • For inactive or pending Campaigns, click Edit Campaign to open the Edit Campaign page, from which the parameters of an Inactive Campaign may be edited.
  • Click Regenerate Coupon Codes to invalidate all existing Campaign Codes, and generate new Codes. This button is available only if the Campaign Status is neither Active nor Cancelled, and if Coupon Codes have been generated for the Campaign.

Campaign Detail Page: Promotion

The Campaign Details panes list information specific to the Campaign, as defined in the Create Campaign page.

Editing Pending Campaigns

Click Edit Campaign to open the Edit Campaign Details page, and change settings for your Campaign.

Edit Campaign Details Page: Pending Campaign

All fields may be edited for a Campaign that has not yet been activated, except for the Campaign’s definition as a Coupon or Promotion.

Editing Active Campaigns

Active Campaigns must first be deactivated, before they may be edited.

Campaign Details Page: Active Campaign

Click Deactivate Campaign to temporarily set its status to Inactive, then click Edit Campaign to open the Edit Campaign page, and change Campaign parameters. Click Activate Campaign to reinstate it.

Cloning Campaigns

Click Clone Campaign to copy an existing Campaign, of any status.

Clone Campaign Dialog

Vindicia Subscribe requires that every Campaign have a unique Campaign ID and Promotion Code or Coupon Prefix. Enter a new Campaign ID and Promotion Code or Coupon Prefix, and click OK to create your new Campaign, and open its Campaign Details page.

Campaign Details Page: Clone Campaign

Note All Clone Campaigns are created with status: Pending.

Click the Edit Campaign button to change the parameters for your clone Campaign, if desired.

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