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About Vindicia Subscribe

About Vindicia Subscribe

Vindicia Vindicia Subscribe is a best-of-breed billing system for creating and managing recurring and one-time payments, to enable online merchants to improve customer retention and maximize profits.

The following table highlights key Vindicia Subscribe features.




Global Transaction Support

  • Support for multiple payment methods, including credit cards, PIN-less debit cards, ACH, PayPal, and stored value cards.
  • Support for multiple processors and worldwide currencies.
  • Ability to send out customized billing messaging in multiple languages.
  • Native tax engine with support for merchant nexus and appropriate GST, VAT, or sales tax.

Payment Logic

  • Automated billing anniversary management.
  • Payment capture logic and support for Account updates to minimize card breakage.
  • Payment failure analysis, management and notification.
  • Payment type shifting.
  • “Best time” monthly billing.

Flexible Merchandising

  • Customizable billing messaging.
  • “Payment method required” trial logic.
  • Activation and deactivation logic.
  • Subscription life cycle management.

Scalability and Reliability

  • Built to support millions of transactions.
  • Built-in scalability overhead of 5X current transaction run-rate.
  • 99.99+% uptime for all critical merchant-facing functions.
  • Hardware redundancy for all components.
  • Physical and network redundant infrastructure across geographic regions.

Billing Administration

  • Web-based interface, makes changing key billing functions easy and accessible.
  • Add, update, and delete accounts, billing plans, and product offerings.
  • Manage critical aspects of your pricing plans.
  • Set rules around customer notifications.
  • Support for role-based access control.

Security and Compliance

  • Advanced cryptographic key management.
  • Cryptographically-enforced permissions, roles and responsibilities.
  • Strong encryption protocols certified to FIPS 140-2.
  • Certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider.
  • Certified with SAS70 Type 2 to help merchants with SOX compliance.

Integrated Fraud Management

  • Real-time fraud screening to determine chargeback probability.
  • Built-in chargeback management to recover lost revenues and determine root causes of fraud.
  • Automatic capture of Vindicia Subscribe Transactions and email activity.


  • Over a dozen reports focused on financial and business metrics.
  • Track affiliate revenue and payments.
  • Reports delivered online for integration into analytical engines through an API data pull.
  • Reports downloadable as CSV, for use in data spreadsheets.

Customer Support

  • The Vindicia Subscribe interface allows customer support teams to rapidly update customer accounts.
  • Edit customer billing information.
  • Change payment methods or billing frequency.
  • Issue refunds.
  • Cancel accounts in the event of chargebacks or customer requests.
  • Support for role-based access control.

Vindicia Subscribe Features

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