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ECP Recurring Billing

ECP Recurring Billing

The following diagram describes the Payment Capture flow for recurring billing when customers provide a Payment Method of Electronic Check Processing (ECP).

Payment Capture Flow: Recurring Billing and Electronic Check Processing

For recurring billing with ECP:

  • Vindicia Subscribe sends a Pre-Bill, End of Trial, or Expiration notification.
  • Vindicia Subscribe performs an internal validity check to ensure Account and Payment Method information meets an internal consistency check.
    • If the transaction passes the validity check, processing continues.
    • If the transaction fails, then Vindicia Subscribe sends a Hard Failure notification.
  • If the customer opts out of the subscription via the merchant’s customer self-service portal after a Pre-Bill notification has been sent, then Vindicia Subscribe sends a Cancellation notification.
  • The merchant defines how many days before subscription expiration that billing should be attempted. For as long as a customer does not opt out of a subscription, Vindicia Subscribe continues to submit a billing transaction to the payment processor.
  • If a transaction fails the CashVindicia SubscribeBox consistency check or if a failure is received from the payment processor, Vindicia Subscribe sends a Hard Fail notification.
  • When the transaction is successfully deposited, a Success notification is sent, and the AutoBill is given a status of Authorized Pending. A merchant application can entitle a customer at this time, or require that the customer wait until the transaction is successfully captured (that is, no decline is received for the deposit, a period of time that for the current ECP implementation takes six banking days).
  • The payment processor submits the transaction to the appropriate ACH or CPA network.
  • Following network rules, the funds are deposited into the merchant's account, or the payment network notifies Vindicia Subscribe of any declines.
  • If the deposit is not declined after the payment-processor specific number of banking days, then the transaction is marked Captured.
  • If the deposit is declined due to insufficient funds, the payment processor retries the deposit based on a merchant-defined number of days, and Vindicia Subscribe then waits another deposit cycle (that is, six banking days).
  • If the customer's transaction is declined, the transaction is marked as a Hard Fail and Vindicia Subscribe sends a Hard Fail notification.
  • If a transaction is refunded, Vindicia Subscribe sends a Refund notification.

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