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GlobalCollect Hosted Merchant Link Transactions

GlobalCollect Hosted Merchant Link Transactions

The following diagram describes the Payment Capture Flow for a GlobalCollect Hosted Merchant Link (HML) transaction.

Payment Capture Flow: GlobalCollect Transactions

The GlobalCollect HML payment processing flow differs from other flows in that, depending on the selected payment provider, GlobalCollect will redirect your customer either to a GlobalCollect page, or to a page served by the selected provider.

Note GlobalCollect HML supports Recurring Transactions only for PayPay and Direct Debit. All other payment products are One-Time only.

Both One-Time and (initial) Recurring Transactions using GlobalCollect HML as a Payment Method step through the following process:

1. Customer selects payment product on your web page, and clicks Submit.

Note This page must allow your customer to select the GlobalCollect payment provider they wish to use for the purchase. Once selected, submit this information to Vindicia Subscribe to pass on to GlobalCollect.

2. Call Transaction.auth (or AutoBill.update) to create the Transaction (or AutoBill), and set its status to New. (Include the paymentProductId with the HostedPage object to define the payment product you will be using. See the HostedPage Subobject in the Vindicia Subscribe API Guide for a list of supported payment providers.)

(Calling Transaction.auth (or AutoBill.update) will initiate a 3 hour session, during which finalizeCustomerAction must be called. If finalize is not called within this period, the session with GlobalCollect will time out. Vindicia Subscribe will then call GlobalCollect to get the status of the Transaction, and update the Vindicia Subscribe Transaction status.)

Note Due to GlobalCollect’s 20 character limit on refund transaction IDs, themerchantTransactionId passed with this call must be 20 characters or fewer, or you will be unable to use this ID to issue refunds for the Transaction.

Vindicia Subscribe supports calling AutoBill.update only for PayPay and Direct Debit payments. All other GlobalCollect payment products used with this method will fail.

3. Vindicia Subscribe creates a new Transaction, with status: New, and submits the order to GlobalCollect with your returnUrl (as passed with the HostedPage object).

The returnUrl defines the URL to which your customer is redirected after completing the process on the GlobalCollect HML pages. This URL may be defined per transaction, or configured for all transactions on your account using the GlobalCollect Implementation Manager.

4. GlobalCollect initiates the session, and returns the HML customer redirect URL to Vindicia Subscribe.

5. Vindicia Subscribe sets the Transaction status to AuthorizationPending, and returns the redirect URL to you.

6. Redirect your customer to the page specified in the redirect URL.

Note For PayPal and Direct Debit, this will be a GlobalCollect landing page. For all other payment providers, it will be a third party page.

7. On the redirect page, your customer submits additional (sensitive) payment information to their selected payment provider.

8. GlobalCollect sends the payment information to the selected payment provider, and directs your customer back to your website.

9. Call Transaction.finalizeCustomerAction (orAutoBill.finalizeCustomerAction, as indicated) to finalize the transaction.

10. Vindicia Subscribe calls GlobalCollect to check the Transaction status.

11. GlobalCollect returns the status of the order in its system to Vindicia Subscribe.

12. Vindicia Subscribe verifies the payment status to determine if the transaction has been successfully passed to the payment provider.

13. Once the status has been returned, redirect your customer to your Order Confirmation page.

After Order Confirmation, GlobalCollect sends a daily report file to notify Vindicia Subscribe of Transaction status changes in the GlobalCollect system. After receiving the file, Vindicia Subscribe updates the payment status. (The status of these transactions may be obtained using standard Vindicia Subscribe fetchDeltaSince calls.)

This process may take several days, which varies by payment processor. During this time, Vindicia Subscribe assumes that the Transaction has been Authorized. If no notification is received to the contrary after the following time periods, Vindicia Subscribe will check the Transaction’s status with GlobalCollect, and update your Vindicia Subscribe system to match.

Moneybookers: 5 business days

Paysafecard: 5 business days

Ukash: 5 business days

Direct Debit (Germany): 6 business days

Recurring Direct Debit (Germany): 6 business days

Direct Debit (Austria): 6 business days

Recurring Direct Debit (Austria): 6 business days

Direct Debit (Netherlands): 5 business days

Recurring Direct Debit (Netherlands): 5 business days

Direct Debit (Spain): 7 business days

Recurring Direct Debit (Spain): 7 business days

PayPal: 5 business days

iDEAL: 5 business days

Sofortuberweisung: 5 business days

Yandex: 5 business days

Webmoney: 5 business days

CashU: 5 business days

Alipay: 5 business days

Refunding GlobalCollect Hosted Merchant Link Transactions

Use the merchantTransactionId to manually refund GlobalCollect transactions through the GlobalCollect UI.

Once the refund has been processed, Vindicia Subscribe will receive notification of the transaction’s new status in the GlobalCollect daily report, and update your Vindicia Subscribe system accordingly. The results of this update may be obtained using standard fetchDeltaSince calls.

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