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Creating Products

Creating Products

To create new Products, select Manage > Products to open the Manage Products page, then click Create New Product... in the upper right corner of the page to open the Create New Product page.

Create New Product Page

1. Enter Product information.

  • Product ID: enter a unique value to distinguish this Product from all others in your system. (Product SKUs are often used as the Product ID.)
  • Billing Statement ID: enter a value for the Billing Statement ID only if you and your payment processor have agreed upon one. If you and your payment processor do not establish an ID, leave this field blank. The Billing Statement ID, if provided, is used by your payment processor to identify the text to associate with a Transaction on your customer’s billing statements.

Note Merchants who use GlobalCollect, MeS, Litle & Co. or Chase Paymentech for payment processing may use the Billing Statement ID field to provide payment processor-specific information. See Custom Billing Statement Identifier Requirements in the Vindicia Subscribe Programming Guide

  • Tax Classification: If you use Avalara AvaTax, enter your tax code in the text box. If you use Vindicia Tax, select a Tax Classification from the dropdown list. Available fields include:
    • Downloadable Electronic Data
    • Downloadable Executable Software
    • Other Taxable
    • Physical Goods
    • Service
    • TaxExempt

Vindicia Subscribe uses the Tax Classification field, with nexus and tax rules provided during implementation, to calculate applicable taxes for your Product. For more information about using a Product’s Tax Classification, contact Vindicia Client Services.

Note If the Tax Classifications provided do not meet your needs, work with Vindicia Client Services to create custom definitions.

• Default Billing Plan: Select a Billing Plan to be the default for the Product from the dropdown list.

Use this field to specify the recommended Billing Plan for use with a Product when creating an AutoBill. If you do not wish to specify a default Plan, leave this menu set to No Default Plan Selected.

Click the Billing Plan Details link to open a scrolling pane showing details for the selected Plan.

For more information, see Billing Plans.

• Product Active: Select Yes to mark the Product as active, or No to mark it inactive. (Use the Vindicia Subscribe API to access the Product Active field to determine whether to make a Product available for sale.)

• Start of Life: Select the date on which you wish to offer your new Product. (Use the Vindicia Subscribe API to access the Start of Life field to determine when to make a Product available for sale.)

• End of Life: Select the date on which you wish your Product to expire. (Use the Vindicia Subscribe API to access the End of Life field to determine when to end a Product’s availability to your customers in your online store.)

2. Click Descriptions to add a description for the Product. Multi-language descriptions may be defined for each Product.

3. Select a pricing basis. (A Product may have a Standard (set or flat) price, or a Rated (Tiered) price, but not both.)

  • Click Standard Pricing to add a default set price for the Product. Multiple prices, in multiple currencies, may be added for a single product.

Enter an Amount.

Select a Currency or Token from the pulldown menu.

Click Add Price to add multiple Prices for the Product. (A Product may have only one Price per Currency or Token Type.)

  • Click Rate Plan to add a default Rate Plan for this Product. Only one Rate Plan may be selected per Product.

Select a Default Rate Plan.

For more information, see Rate Plans.

4. Use the Entitlements pane to specify the rights that may be assigned to a customer for the Product.

For more information, see Deleting Products.

5. Use the Token Grants pane to add Tokens as part of the Product definition.

  • Click Add Token Grant. Select a Token Type from the pulldown menu, and add a Quantity. Click Add Token Grant to add multiple Token Types to the Product. Click Delete to remove the Token Type from the Product.

Adding Token Grants to a Product enables your customers to purchase these Tokens. Tokens may be used to pay an AutoBill. or make another purchase.

For more information, see Adding and Editing Token Grants.

6. Use the Bundled Products pane to bundle other Products with this primary Product.

  • Click on a Product in the Available Products pane, and use the right arrow button to add it to the Products included in Bundle pane.

For more information, see Creating Bundled Products.

7. Use the Custom Product Data pane to add custom information to your Product.

For more information, see Working with Custom Data.

8. Click Submit to create the new Product, or Cancel to delete your changes, and return to the Manage Products page.

For more information on the fields displayed, see Vindicia Subscribe Product Parameters.

Adding and Editing Entitlements

Entitlements are used to grants products or services to your customers in relation to an AutoBill or One-Time Transaction. They may be assigned Products, Billing Plans, or both for creating customer offers.

For more information, see "Adding and Editing Entitlements" in Creating Billing Plans.

Adding and Editing Token Grants

Tokens may be used as both Payment Methods and credit options. Add Tokens to a Product to grant Tokens to the Account when the Product is purchased. Purchasing a Product with a Token Grant increments the Token balance for that Token Type for the Account.

For more information, see Tokens and Credits.

Note Deleting a Token Type from a Product does not delete it from your Vindicia Subscribe system. The Token Type is still available to add to this or any other Product from the Token Type dropdown list.

To add or edit grants associated with a Product, click Add Token Grant on the Create or Edit Productpage to open the Token Grants pane.

Adding and Editing Custom Product Data

Custom Product Data allows you to associate custom name-value pairs to your Products. These may be used to search or sort Reports, or for internal tracking processes.

For more information, see Working with Custom Data.

Creating Bundled Products

Bundling Products allows you to offer special packages, in which multiple Products are included as a single item on the AutoBill. The Price for a Bundled Product is defined by the top-level Product, but this price may be overridden by the Billing Plan or AutoBill, if desired.

Note Bundled Products may include any mix of available Pricing models.

To create a Bundled Product:

1. Click the Create New Product link in the top right of the Manage Products page.

  • Enter a Product IDDescription, and any other parameters you wish.
  • In the Prices pane, select Standard Pricing or Rate Plan. Enter a Price, and select a Currency, or select a Default Rate Plan.

Note The price for a Bundled Product group is defined by the top-level Product. This allows you to create groups of Products that may be purchased for one set price.

2. In the Bundled Products pane, use the left and right arrows to move the Products you wish to be included in the Bundle from the Available to the Included scroll box. .

3. Enter any other Product information you wish to add at this point. Click Submit to save your changes, and return to the Manage Products page.

Bundled Products are managed and edited the same as single Products. To edit a bundled Product, simply click the Edit Product link from any Product Details page.

Bundled Product Details Page


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