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Product Details

Product Details

From the Products List page, click on the Product ID or Description to open the Product Details page for the selected Product.

To view details about a listed Product:

  • Click the Product ID or Description of the Product you wish to view.

Vindicia Subscribe opens the Product Details page, which allows you to view specific information about a selected Product. Click Edit Product to edit Product information. For more information, see Editing Products.

Product Details Page

If the Product has a Default Rate Plan, Entitlements, Custom Product Data, Bundled Products, or Credits associated with it, Vindicia Subscribe will list the appropriate links. Click these links to open the pane, and display the associated information.

For more information, see the corresponding Chapter in this User Guide.

Note The Product Prices, Entitlements, Bundled Products, and other links do not appear on all Product Details pages. These links appear only if the Product includes these properties.

The following table lists and describes Vindicia Subscribe Product parameters.



Product ID

Required. A unique merchant-defined ID assigned to the Product. This value is often the product SKU (stock-keeping unit).


A brief description of the Product. The information in this field may be used in Vindicia Subscribe-generated email notifications and billing statements.

(Use multiple Descriptions to address multiple languages.)

Billing Statement ID

A merchant-specified, payment-processor specific identifier, which must conform to that payment processor's rules, that is sent with Transactions generated using this Product. The payment processor uses this value to determine the text that is displayed on the customer's credit card statement associated with the transaction.

Do not change this value after you first assign it unless you do so at the request of your payment processor.

Merchants who use GlobalCollect, MeS, Litle & Co. or Chase Paymentech for payment processing may use this field to provide payment processor-specific information.

Tax Classification

Required. The tax category for the Product. Options include:

  • Downloadable Electronic Data
  • Downloadable Executable Software
  • Other Taxable
  • Physical Goods
  • Service
  • TaxExempt

Vindicia Subscribe uses the Tax Classification field, coupled with merchant nexus and tax rules (provided during implementation), to calculate appropriate taxes, if any.

Default Billing Plan

Required. The default Billing Plan for the Product.

The Billing Plan specified here is used during AutoBill creation for the Select Default Billing Plan from Product option.

Product Active

The Product’s Status: Active, or Inactive. This field lists the status of the Product, and may be used to control whether a Product is available for purchase.

  • Yes indicates that a Product is currently active.
  • No indicates that a Product is not currently active.

Start of Life

A start date and timestamp for the Product, which may be used to determine when to make the Product available on your storefront for purchase, or to indicate when billing for the Product is first valid.

End of Life

An end date and timestamp for a Product, which may be used to determine when to remove the Product from your storefront, or when a Product is no longer available for purchase.

Billing Plan Details

Lists Billing Plan details for the currently selected Default Billing Plan. For more information, see Billing Plan Details.


Use this pane to view or add a default Price or Rate Plan for the Product. Multiple flat rate Prices may be added for multiple Currency or Token Types.


Lists Entitlements for the Product.

Token Grants

Lists Token Grants for the Product.

For more information, see Credits.

If a Product does not grant Credits, this link does not appear in the Product Details page.

Bundled Products

Lists Products included with this Product.

Custom Product Data

Lists Custom Product information.

For more information, see Working with Custom Data.

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