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Account Updater Statistics Report

Account Updater Statistics Report

This report presents a summary of Account Updater (AU) request and response types by month, per credit card type. The report presents responses to requests initiated directly by the merchant, or as a result of the network effect (updated due to actions by another merchant).


Account Updater Statistics Report Setup

Enter a date range, and enter your email address if you want to be notified when the report is ready. Click Submit to generate the report.


Account Updater Statistics Report

The following table demonstrates how data received from the AU Statistic report can be presented in an pivot table.


This AU Statistics Report includes the following fields.




Month and year. 

Card type updated. Currently supports updates for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and America Express.

Type of Update

Updates are of two types: 

  • Updated Directly—updated by Account Updater at the request of the Vindicia Subscribe merchant. Direct updates are relevant for both the Requests and Responses count. 
  • Indirect—updated by other merchants. These are updates resulting from the so-called network effect. Indirect updates are relevant only for the Responses count, and are supported only for Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards.

Responses from Account Updater have different values for the different types of requests. 

  • AU requests—number of AU requests. 
  • Card Changed—responses of type: Card Changed.
  • Expiration Date Change—responses of type: Card Changed. 
  • Card closed—responses of type: Card Closed.
  • All decline reasons—all other results.

Total cards per AU Event (above):

  • AU requests—number of requests or registration (for American Express) in the period. Relevant only for Initiated Directly.
  • Card Changed—count of all the responses that had a card change. Relevant for both Direct and Indirect update types.
  • Expiration Date Change—count of all responses that had an expiration date change. Relevant for both Direct and Indirect update types.
  • Card Closed—responses with the result of: Card Closed. Relevant for both Direct and Indirect update requests.
  • All decline reasons - Count all the responses that had a result of “error”. Relevant for both direct and indirect

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