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Creating Scheduled Reports

Creating Scheduled Reports

Vindicia Subscribe allows you to schedule the generation of several of its reports. This allows you to create a suite of Reports which will be created and delivered to you on an ongoing basis.

Creating a Report Schedule differs from creating an on-demand report in two ways:

  • Scheduled Reports will be generated only as CSV files, and not as HTML.
  • Scheduled Reports may be defined to run in the future, rather than immediately.

To create a Report Schedule:

1. Select Reports > Create Report Schedule to set up reports you wish to have generated on a recurring schedule.

Create Report Schedule: Select Report Type

2. Select the Report Type you want to schedule.

Create Report Schedule: Active AutoBills

3. Select a report frequency: weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

4. Select the day on which the first report period should end.

The first report will be run for the selected date’s previous week, month or quarter. Subsequent reports will be run on the same day of the week or month.

5. Enter an email address to which notification of the completed report should be sent, if desired.

6. Select relevant parameters, and Display columns, and click Submit to schedule the report.

My Scheduled Reports

From the My Scheduled Reports page, you may delete existing reports or report schedules, cancel report generation, enable email notification, and download generated reports.

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