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Generating On-Demand Reports

Generating On-Demand Reports

Vindicia Subscribe allows you to create all of its available reports on-demand, in CSV or HTML format.

Run Report Page

To run a report immediately, go to Reports > Run Report, and select the report you wish to generate.

On the Run Report and Create Report Schedule pages, Reports are listed by type:

  • Transaction Reports list Transaction data, including refunds, exceptions, and sales tax information.
  • Account Reports list Account data, including Entitlement grants, and Account Updater information.
  • Chargeback Reports allow you to analyze your Chargeback history and status.
  • AutoBill Reports allow you to examine AutoBill status, including income projections, billing attempt history, and active AutoBill tallies.
  • Additional Reports include reports for Campaigns, Credit grants, Invoicing, Billing notifications, deferred income, and reported Rated Unit Events.

In this chapter, these reports are listed alphabetically, for greater ease of use.

Report Setup Pages

Use the report’s setup page to define parameters, and select a format for your report. Available search criteria vary from report to report, but the following rules apply to all:

  • Select a date, or date range for the report.
  • Select a report format: CSV, or HTML. (Note: Selecting HTML will run the report immediately, and will not make it available to you through the My Reports page.)
  • Enter an email address to which the notification of completion should be mailed, if desired.
  • Enter search parameters for the report, if you wish to narrow the returned results.

A wildcard character (%) may be used in the fields marked. Use this symbol to perform “begins with” (abc%), “ends with” (%abc) or “contains” (%abc%) searches.

  • Click Choose display columns to open a pane listing the data columns available for the report. Use the checkboxes to include or remove columns, as desired.
  • Click Submit to generate the report, or select the CSV Download checkbox and click Submit to save the report as a CSV file.

Note HTML reports are not saved to your My Reports page. Do not navigate away from the page while an HTML report is generating. If you do, the report will not be created.

Completed Reports

Reports generated as HTML will load immediately upon completion.

Transaction Detail Report: HTML

  • Results are broken into pages of 100 rows. Click the page numbers at the top of the page, or click All to see all rows on a single page.
  • Click on a column name to sort by the column in ascending or descending order.
  • Click Download as CSV to download the generated report as a CSV file.

Reports generated as CSV will either download immediately, or be available from the My Reports page upon completion.

Note Only reports which may be scheduled will be saved in My Reports, and only if Format: CSV is selected. No other format, and no other on-demand reports will be saved in this list.

Generating those reports marked with an asterix as CSV will not save then to the My Reports page, even when saved as CSV. Instead, they download immediately upon completion.

My Reports page

The My Reports page lists in progress and completed on-demand CSV Reports. From this page you may:

  • Download the completed report.
  • Delete the report from this list.
  • Click Run Report to generate a new on-demand report.
  • Click Create Report Schedule to create a new scheduled report.

Best Practices

The greater the amount of information returned for a report, the longer it will take to generate the report. For example, if your company performs a significant number of Transactions per day, and you search for several months’ worth of data, you might want to break the search into smaller periods. The browser's memory can be exceeded for reports with a large number of Transactions processed. Also, the more data processing that is required, the longer the report will take to generate. Please be patient while waiting for HTML reports to process.

Use Scheduled Reports, or select Format: CSV to process reports which require longer processing times. This option allows you to navigate away from the page, and receive email notification upon completion of the report.

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