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Invoice Aging Report

Invoice Aging Report

The Invoice Aging Report lists outstanding invoices and their current age—an invoice begins to age upon its Invoice Date, and stops aging when it is paid or written off. There are two types of Invoice Aging reports.

  • Invoice Aging by Invoice Date—use this report to get a record of accounts receivable aging calculated between run time and the invoice dates of invoices with outstanding balances
  • Invoice Aging by Due Date—use this report to get a record of accounts receivable aging calculated between run time and the due dates of invoices with outstanding balances

These reports list accounts alphabetically by currency type, and provide subtotals for each currency group.

You can run both reports immediately, or create a run schedule and be notified when they are completed. Note that scheduled reports are available only in CSV format.

To generate an Invoice Aging Report, select Reports > Vindicia Subscribe > Invoice Aging to open the Invoice Aging Report setup dialog.

InvoiceAgingSetup.pngInvoice Aging Report Setup

Enter search parameters, select the information you want displayed, and click Submit to generate the report. The following figure shows the first few lines of a report, and the end of the report with subtotals by currency type.



Invoice Aging Report

The Invoice Aging report lists the following Invoice Aging Report Fields:



Invoice ID

The unique, Vindicia Subscribe generated ID for the Invoice.


Original Invoice Date. This date reflects the invoice offset from the due date, as defined in your Vindicia Subscribe system.

Due Date

The original due date for the AutoBill, based on the original invoice date plus the terms of service—for example, if the original invoice date is 5/4/2016 and the terms are 15 days, the due date would be 5/19/2016.


The customer associated with the AutoBill.

AutoBill Sequence

The longevity of the the account—a 3 in this column, for example, would indicate that the subscription has been billed three times since its creation.

Billing Attempts

The number of attempts to bill on this invoice

<30 Days

The amount due for the Invoice.

30 Days

The amount overdue by 30 to 60 days.

60 Days

The amount overdue by 60 to 89 days.

90 Days

The amount overdue by 90 to 119 days.

120 Days

The amount overdue by 120 to 179 days.

180 Days

The amount overdue by 180 or more days.

Currency Code

Currency type for this account. Currency Code is mandatory for the HTML version of this report but optional in the CSV report.

AutoBill ID  ID of the AutoBill associated with this Invoice.
Account ID  ID of the Account associated with this Invoice.
AutoBill Status Current status of the AutoBill.
AutoBill Cancel Reason  Reason AutoBill was canceled, if applicable. 

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