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Outstanding Credits Report

Outstanding Credits Report

The Outstanding Credits Report lists Credits granted to an Account or AutoBill, but not yet redeemed by the current date, for the selected Customer. This report searches across all Accounts and AutoBills for the entered ID.

Outstanding Credits Report Setup

Enter an email address if you want to be notified when the report is ready. Select a Currency if appropriate; enter a Customer ID to run the report on a specific account; and select the Display Columns you want in the report. Click Submit to generate the report.

Outstanding Credits Report

This report contains the following Outstanding Credits Report Fields:



Merchant Customer Identifier

ID of the customer.

Merchant Customer Name Name of the customer.

AutoBill Identifier

ID for the AutoBill against which the Credit was granted.

Granted On | Granted AutoBill or merchant account on which credit was granted.
Balance | Credit Balance Credit available to the Account or AutoBill.
Balance | Type

The balance type: 

  • Currency
  • Token
  • Time (intervals of Years, Months, Weeks, Days
Balance | Interval Years Balance during an interval of years.
Balance | Interval Months Balance during an interval of months.
Balance | Interval Weeks Balance during an interval of weeks.
Balance | Interval Days Balance during an interval of days.

Which Grant | Grant Date

Date the Credit was granted.

Which Grant | Grant VID

Vindicia identifier of the grant.

Grant Background | Original Credit Amount Amount of the original grant.
Grant Background | Description Description of the grant.
Grant Background | Reason Reason entered with the Credit Grant.
Affiliate | Affiliate ID Merchant affiliate ID.
Affiliate | Sub-Affiliate ID Merchant sub-affiliate ID.

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