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Trial Performance Report

Trial Performance Report

This report provides a snapshot, as of the report period start date, showing details such as total sign ups for the trial, subscribers still in the trial, subscribers who converted to paid subscriptions from the trial, and active and passive churn for a given trial sign up period for all the billing plans that have a trial period. Billing Plans with a trial period include all active billing plans that have the first period marked as free. Both weekly and monthly report periods are supported for this report. This report also presents progress for trials still under way while also presenting conversion ratios for completed trials.

Create Trial Performance Report.

To run the report, go to Reports > Run Report, click the name of the report, and enter From and To dates. Enter an email address if you want to be notified when the report is ready, and click Submit.

To schedule the report, go to Reports > Create Report Schedule, and click the name of the report. Select either monthly/weekly and enter a Begin the first report period date. Enter an email address if you want to be notified when the report is ready, and click Submit.

Trial Performance Report

The following table describes the fields of the Trial Performance Report.




Billing Plan

An active Billing Plan for which initial Trial is present.

Primary Product

Primary Product associated with the AutoBill for a given Billing Plan with the Trial.

Sign Up Period

Weekly/Monthly periods for which the data is


Sign Ups

Number of sign ups for a trial in the given period.

Still in Trial

Number of sign ups from this period who are still in the trial and have not canceled, upgraded or moved out of the trial into a paid subscription.

Opted Out/Active Churn

Number of people who started the trial in this period and canceled within the trial period.

Paid Conversion

Number of customers who started the trial in this period who have converted to a paid subscription. (Note that the second period could also be a free period, but this is still considered a successful conversion.)

Potential Conversion (Conversion in Retry)

Number of customers for whom the trial period is over but the first billing is in retry. These customers have not converted to a paid subscription as of report run date.

Conversion Failures

Number of trial subscribers who were in trial but conversion to subscription failed to charge.

Conversion Rate

Paid Conversion/Sign ups


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