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Vindicia Knowledgebase

Transaction Status Definitions

The following table summarizes the possible values for the Status field of the Transaction object, and provides additional information relevant to understanding those values.




Payment processor successfully captured the Transaction.


The Transaction was cancelled because of a hard or soft failure, or because the merchant chose not to capture the transaction, for example, based on fraud screen result.


The Transaction was successfully refunded, either fully or partially.

The amount of the refund is displayed in the Tx Refund column to the right of the Tx Amount column. If the Tx Refund amount is the same as the Tx Amount, the Transaction was fully refunded, and if Tx Refund is less than Tx Amount, the Transaction was partially refunded.


Transaction is created, but not yet submitted for payment.


Transaction is successfully authorized and awaiting a capture call.

Auth Expired

Transaction was Authorized, but no Capture was made within the payment processor’s authorization time frame and the authorization has expired.

Authorized for Validation

Transaction is successfully validated (for example, $1.00 authorization).

Deposit Retry Pending

Transaction is being retried within the payment processor system (ECP Transactions only).

Authorized Pending

Transaction passed authorization with the payment processor and the settlement of funds is pending.

Authorization Pending

Transaction is created (customer clicked the PayPal button on a merchant site), but has not completed the PayPal payment process.

Customer has three hours to complete the transaction before it times out. If the transaction times out, Status remains Authorization Pending indefinitely.


Transaction previously classified as Auth Expired has been reversed.

Voiding a transaction avoids Visa fees for Authorizations that are not captured.


Transaction has not yet been submitted to payment processor. This may be because the Transaction is currently in the middle of processing when viewed.