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Creating Tokens

Creating Tokens

To create a new Token, select Manage > Tokens to open the Manage Tokens page, then

1. Click Create New Token... in the upper right corner page to open the Create New Tokenpage.

 Create New Token Page

2. Enter values in the Token ID and Token Description fields to establish the unique identifiers for your new Token. Token Description provides a customer-friendly name for the Token, and is available for use in email notifications. Multiple, language-specific descriptions are not supported within a single Token Type; create language-specific Token Types if multiple languages are required.

3. Click Submit to create the new Token, or Cancel to cancel creating a new Token.

The following table lists and describes the Parameter fields available to Tokens.



Token ID

Required. The unique ID assigned to the Token by the Vindicia Subscribe user.


A brief description of the Token. The information in this field is available as a token name tag that is used in Vindicia Subscribe-generated email notifications and billing statements.


Indicates the date and time the Token was originally created.


If present, indicates the most recent date and time the Token definition was modified.

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