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Refunding Transactions

Refunding Transactions

Vindicia Subscribe allows you to issue full or partial refunds against captured Transactions.

Refund requests are queued into batch jobs that are sent to payment processors periodically throughout the day. If you view a Refund before its batch job is completely processed, the Refunds field will list its status as Pending. After the refund is processed the status will change to Complete.

To refund a Transaction from the Transaction Details page, click Issue Refund at the top of the page to open the Issue Refund page.

Issue Refund Page (Currency)

1. Select the refund amount in the Refund Amount dropdown menu.

  • Full - Total Billed, <amount> refunds the entire remaining amount of the Transaction.
    Full - Total Billed is the only refund option available when a refund is issued for a Product that granted Tokens.
  • Partial - Specify % of Original Amount allows you to specify a percentage of the original Transaction amount to refund. Enter the percentage you wish to refund in the field to the right of the menu, and check the amount Vindicia Subscribe calculates.
  • Partial - Specify Amount allows you to specify the total amount of the refund. Enter the amount you wish to refund in the field to the right of the menu.
    Refund amounts are issued using the same currency as the original Transaction
  • Line item. Vindicia Subscribe currently only supports line item refunds using the API. See the Vindicia Subscribe API Reference Guide for details.

2. Enter a Note, if desired.

3. If Tokens are associated with a Product purchase through the Transaction, then the Refund Token Action dropdown allows you to specify how to handle refunding of Tokens. Options include:

  • None, the default, leaves the current Token balance for the Transaction unchanged.
  • Refund Negative Balance decrements the current Token balance, which can result in a negative Token balance if the customer has already used some Tokens prior to the refund.
  • Refund Zero Balance decrements the current Token balance, but does not allow the Token balance to go below zero.

The Refund Token Action dropdown does not appear for Transactions where payment is made in Tokens if there were no Tokens granted by the purchased Product.

4. The AutoBill Disposition panel allows you to handle the AutoBill associated with the Transaction you are refunding.

  • Select Cancel AutoBill associated with this Transaction to cancel the AutoBill associated with the transaction. (If unchecked, the AutoBill will not be cancelled.)
  • Select Send AutoBill Cancellation Notice to send an AutoBill cancellation notice to the customer.
  • Entitlement Termination Option radio buttons allow you to choose between allowing customer continued access to the entitlements associated with the AutoBill through the end of the billing period, or to terminate customer access to entitlements immediately upon issuing the refund.

5. Click Submit to issue the refund and open the Confirm Refund page, or Cancel to back out of the refund process.

 Confirm Refund Page

The Confirm Refund page gives you a final opportunity to proceed with the refund or to cancel it.

Click Cancel to cancel the refund process or Submit to proceed with the refund.

If the refund is successful, the Refund Issued page is opened.

Refund Confirmation Page

Vindicia Subscribe will not issue refunds that exceed the amount of the original Transaction. Attempting to issue a refund in excess or the original amount will generate errors. Vindicia Subscribe will also not issue refunds against Cancelled Transactions, and will generate the appropriate warnings.

Issuing Multiple Full Refunds

If you are logged in as an Exception Analyst, Vindicia Subscribe allows you to issue multiple full refunds to selected Transactions.

To issue multiple refunds:

1. Go to Search > Transactions, and enter the relevant criteria in the Transactions Searchpage.

2. Click Choose Display Options..., and select the Exceptions checkbox.

The Exceptions columns must be included in your query in order to issue multiple refunds.

3. Click Submit to process your search, and open the Transaction List page.

4. Click Issue Multiple Full Refunds...

The Transaction List page refreshes with a Refund column with check boxes to the left of each Transaction that can be refunded. A Transaction is eligible for refund only if it has not been previously partially refunded, and only if it is not associated with a previous Chargeback. A Submit Multiple Full Refunds button appears to the right above the list of Transactions.


Transaction List Page: Refund Checkboxes

5. Select the Transactions to refund.

6. Click Submit Multiple Full Refunds to process the refunds to submit your changes, and open the Issue Refund page.

Issue Refund Page: Multiple Transactions

The Issue Refund page lists detailed information about each Transaction selected to refund in a separate pane. Below these Transaction detail panes is a Note field, in which you may enter a single note about the refunds, which will be included with each Transaction’s records.

The AutoBill Disposition pane allows you to select how the AutoBills associated with these refunds will be handled.

  • Cancel AutoBills associated with each Transaction listed above will cancel all AutoBills associated with any of the refunded transactions listed above.
  • Send AutoBill Cancellation Notices will send Cancellation Notices to any account holder of an AutoBill Cancelled as a result of these refunds.

Cancellation Notices will only be set if you have enabled Billing Notifications. See Chapter C: Billing Notifications and Templates for more information.

  • Entitlement Termination Option:
    • Allow Customer Access Until End of Current Entitlement Period will allow the affected Entitlements to finish at their original end dates.
    • Terminate Customer Access Immediately will immediately terminate all affected Entitlements.

If any Transaction to be refunded uses Token grants, a dropdown menu, Refund Token Action, appears on the page. This dropdown menu allows you to select a refund action for all Token Grants associated with your selected Transactions. The menu offers the following choices for Refund Token Actions:





Token grants remain unchanged when the refund is issued.

Note: This is the default action that is taken if you do not select another option.

Refund Negative Balance

Allow a negative token balance when the refund is issued.

Refund Zero Balance

Do not allow token balance to go below zero when the refund is issued.

7. Click Submit to continue processing the refunds, or Cancel to end processing without issuing refunds.

Vindicia Subscribe displays a final Confirm Refunds page that includes an abbreviated list of the Transactions to refund, and the amount to be refunded for each Transaction.

8. Click Submit to submit the refunds for processing, or Cancel to end processing without issuing the refunds.

If the refunds are successfully submitted for processing, Vindicia Subscribe displays the Refunds Issued page.

Multiple Refunds Issued Page

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