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Accessing the Vindicia Subscribe Portal

Accessing the Vindicia Subscribe Portal

Authorized Users can access the Subscribe Portal on the Vindicia public website at Vindicia landing page is displayed, followed by product information as shown below:


The Vindicia Home Page

Scroll back to the top to access the Subscribe Portal and click the CUSTOMER PORTAL link in the upper right of the page.

The Vindicia Subscribe Login prompt appears.



Vindicia Subscribe Login Page

Log in using your Vindicia Subscribe username and password, as provided by Vindicia Client Services. (If it is a first time login, Vindicia Subscribe will automatically generate a new password that meets PCI and SAS70 compliance.)

Note Vindicia automatically generates a new password for each user every 90 days.

To log into the Vindicia Subscribe portal:

1. Enter your user name in the Login field.

2. Enter your password in the Password field.

3. Press Return or click the Login button to enter the portal.

Note If you forget your password, click the Forgot your password? link. The portal prompts you for your login (either an email address associated with your account, or a non-email address). Enter your login and click the Submit button. Vindicia creates a temporary account password, and sends it to the email address associated with your account. When you log in with the temporary password, a new password is assigned to you and displayed for your reference.

If you enter your user name or password incorrectly, an Error message appears, the login and password you entered are cleared, and you can try again.

Note If you fail three times to log in correctly, your account will be locked and you must contact Vindicia Client Services to request a password reset.

Upon successful login, the Subscribe Portal home page is displayed.

Your assigned user role determines the menu bar and dropdown menu options available. Subscribe does not display areas of the system to which a user does not have access. 

For maximum security, log out of Vindicia Subscribe when you finish working with the system.

To log out of the portal:

1. Click Logout in the upper right of the page.
Subscribe logs you out of your session and displays a message screen informing you that you are logged out.

2. Exit your browser as an additional security precaution.

Note Always close your browser after logging out of any secure site, such as the Vindicia Subscribe portal. Even if you log off a secure website, some browsers may maintain your login and password information in their internal cache for as long as you run the browser, and some malware is designed to probe for this kind of information.

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