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Navigating the Portal

Navigating the Portal

The Vindicia Subscribe portal adheres to open industry standards for secure website access and navigation.

The Vindicia Subscribe menu bar is located beneath the Merchant Login link, and functions similarly to any other menu bar. For example, to search for Chargebacks, select Chargebacks from the Search menu, as shown in the Vindicia Subscribe Search Menu. Vindicia Subscribe also provides standard web application buttons and links for navigation.

Menu items shown in the navigation bar and the dropdown menus depend on your assigned User Role and its associated access. For more information about access roles and privileges, see User Roles and Access Control.

Note Do not use your browser’s Back button to return to a previous page. Doing so may result in unexpected results, such as receiving a page expiration notice. Instead, always use the Vindicia Subscribe links and navigation buttons.

Using the Search Function:

1. Select the appropriate task from the navigation bar and dropdown menu. For example, to search for Accounts, select Search > Accounts to open the Account Search page, shown below.

The Account Search Page

2. Specify your search parameters, to reduce the amount of data returned by the search, and to pinpoint your query.

Note If you do not specify search criteria, or if your criteria are too general, Vindicia Subscribe may return more data than your browser’s cache can support.

If you must search or view large data sets, contact Vindicia Client Services.

3. Click the Submit button to process your search, and launch the appropriate List page. For example, if you are searching Accounts, Vindicia Subscribe displays the Accounts List page, shown below.

The Accounts List Page

To sort the records returned in a List page:

Click a column header to sort in ascending order based on the criteria in that column. For example, click the Status column header to sort by Status. Click the header again to sort in descending order.

To view details for an item in a list:

Click the name of the item you wish to view to open the appropriate Vindicia Subscribe Details page.

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