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Transaction Graphs

Transaction Graphs

Vindicia Subscribe offers three preconfigured Transaction graphs:

  • Daily Transactions by Payment Method (line chart),
  • Daily Transaction Revenue by Product (bar chart), and
  • Total Recurring Revenue Distribution by Product (pie chart).

1. From the Add Graph window, select a Transaction Graph, and click Next to open the Add Transaction Graph dialog.

Add Transaction Graph Dialog

Note This dialog is the same for all four Transaction graph types. It varies only in that the first three graph types come pre-populated with a Graph Name and option selections.

2. Enter or edit the Graph Name.

3. Select a Graph By setting: Revenue, or Transaction, which defines whether the Y-axis of the graph will show revenue, or number of transactions.

4. Select a Transaction Status.

Transaction Status indicates the status of the Subscriber or AutoBill. Possible values are:

  • Authorized: shows Transactions authorized during the selected time period.
  • Cancelled: includes both cancelled and failed Transactions for the selected time period.
  • Captured: shows Transactions captured during the selected time period.
  • Refunded: shows Transactions refunded during the selected time period.
  • Settled: (Applies only to ChargeGuard.)

5. Select a Summarize Data By value. (These values are both fields on which the dashboards may be filtered, and the possible values for the columns, where applicable.)

  • Affiliate: lists all Affiliate IDs listed on the Transaction.
  • Billing Cycle: lists the current Billing Cycle number for the Transaction.
  • Billing Plan: lists all Billing Plans on AutoBills that have generated Transactions.
  • Country: lists Billing Address countries of all Accounts associated with the Transactions.
  • Currency: lists all currencies with which Transactions have been conducted.
  • Division: groups data by Chase Paymentech Division ID. (This field is available only for those who use Chase Paymentech as their Payment Processor.)
  • Division Number: lists the available Chase Paymentech Division Number. (This field is available only for those who use Chase Paymentech as their Payment Processor.)
  • Payment Method: lists all Payment Methods for the Transaction.
  • Payment Processor: lists your Payment Processor.
  • Postal Code: lists all Billing Address postal codes for previous Transactions.
  • Product: lists all Products included with the Transactions.
  • Recurring: indicates whether this was a recurring, AutoBill generated (Yes), or a non-recurring, One-Time Transaction (No).
  • Report Group: lists the Litle Report Group. (This option is available only for those who use Litle as their Payment Processor.)
  • Retry Cycle Number: lists the retry cycle number of the Transaction. This option is available only to AutoBill Transactions. Selecting this option will include only AutoBill-generated Transactions in the graph.
  • Subaffiliate: lists the Subaffiliate ID for the Transaction.
  • Token: lists available Token Types.

6. Click the Show Filters link to open the Data Series pane, with which you may limit your data to specific values for the Summarize Data By fields.

7.Select a Data Series from the pulldown menu. (Fields available in this menu match those listed for the Summarize Data By menu, described above.)

  • Select a Data Type from the Data Series pulldown menu.
  • Use the All Values and Chosen Values panes to select the subsets of the data type to be included in your graph.

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