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Vindicia has moved staging to AWS!  Next up our production environment

On December 17th 2020, Vindicia moved our staging environment for Vindicia Retain and Vindicia Subscribe to Amazon Web Services (AWS)! In Gartner's first vendor evaluation covering both cloud infrastructure and platform services (IaaS & PaaS, or "CIPS"), AWS is evaluated as a Leader with the highest score in both axes of measurement, Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

**NEW**  Our first two phases of our staging move to AWS are complete.  We are now in the final phase with both our AWS staging and legacy prodtest environments available.  Please review the release notes for the latest information and any limitations with our environments.

Release Notes - Staging Move to AWS

Check out the video below for more information on changes to get ready for production!


What Does This Mean to You?

Moving our Subscribe and Retain platforms fully into the cloud enables Vindicia to leverage new technologies, provide greater reliability for you, ensure sustained PCI compliance and enable our platforms to continue to provide our highly scalable, high-availability transaction processing.  

Migration Timeline:

Please see our trust site for the latest server status and updates -

The following links will help you with the resources and information you will need to make sure your environment is ready to make the transition with Vindicia.

**NEW**  Release Notes for staging move - Vindicia Subscribe Release Notes 27.0.6

**New URLS to access staging** IP Address and Staging URL Changes

What Changes Do You Need to Make

Cloud Move FAQ

UTC Timezone Changes

Prodtest to Staging Migration Update

If any time you have questions about the process please reach out to