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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Cloud Move FAQ

Q: Can I know more about this cloud datacenter?

A: Absolutely, we are moving to our current hosted datacenter to an Amazon Web Services cloud data center.  Our design will be leveraging the best practices from Amazon to distribute our workloads across multiple availability zones.  Making sure to keep our uptime commitment and allowing us to take full advantage of the cloud.  


Q: Will the old IP address still be active? (ie can I connect to the old ip range)

A: Yes the existing IP address range will have a forwarding method in place and will still work after the transition for a short time.  Because of the additional network hops introduce in this forwarding there will be added delay in the call response times.  This forwarding will only be active for a short period of time (to be announced probably 30 days) after which it will require updating connection information.


Q: Will all my data be moved?

A:  Yes all Production and Prodtest will be moved. After the migration, in Q1 of 2021 we will be working on cleaning up our Prodtest database, will communicate out at that time what data will be changed.  


Q: Can I request that I be moved on a different day/time?

A:  Because we are a software as a service application this change will impact all merchants at the same time.  We are not able to offer an ability to move a merchant at a different time.