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What Changes Do You Need to Make?

As part of this transition to our new datacenter, our main IP addresses will change.  This may or may not require IP configuration changes depending upon your set up for you to ensure continuous access to Vindicia’s services. We will communicate again soon with our new IP addresses and steps regarding what you will need to update on your end. Please go through all of these with your respective development or networking teams to make sure you are ready for your transition.

For IP address information please see our IP address checklist.


Do you connect to Vindicia’s API using the dns names of (REST) and (SOAP)?

  • Production using our DNS names no changes are needed.  To access our new AWS staging environment server URLs will need to be updated in your code please see our list of changes here - IP Address Changes and please see our update on prodtest to staging migration - Prodtest to Staging Migration Update

  • Please review the question about updating firewall allow list for new IP address and make sure to do this ahead of our migration to ensure seamless transition

  • Recommend Action:  Work with the owner of your integration to verify you are using our domain name to resolve to Vindicia’s api endpoints.  And that after our staging environment is live to change the server URLs to connect to our new enviornment.

  • Degree of Difficulty:  Low (Just make sure your firewall allow lists are updated)


Do you have allow/deny lists in place on your network for Vindicia’s IP addresses?

  • These will need to be updated ahead of our migration with the new IP address listed in our Quick Facts Table - What’s Changing table.  

  • Not updating these could result in a disruption of service once we make the transition to our new cloud data center.

  • Recommend Action: Work with your network team to make sure the lists are updated ahead of the migration date to ensure uninterrupted access

  • Degree of Difficulty: Low (Quick update to an IP table to allow our new IP addresses)


Do you have DNS caching in your network?

  • If you are using local DNS caching, please make sure the domain is either set not to cache or use a very low value.  

  • Vindicia will be modifying our TTL value ahead of the change to a very low setting to ensure our IP address transition is very quickly propagated across the network

  • Recommended Action:  Check with your network team to confirm if you use local dns caching for your integrations and adjust parameters to ensure changes published by Vindicia are quickly propagated.

  • Degree of Difficulty: Medium (this will require detailed network knowledge to verify and make sure it is updated.)


Do you have push notification receiver?

  • The source IP address for push notifications will be changing as part of the transition. 

  • Recommended Action: Make sure to that the push notification IP address is on the allow list for your network. 

  • Degree of Difficulty: Low 


Does your network need an allow list for email server?

  • Our email server that is the source for notifications from Subscribe and Retain will be changing, 

  • Recommended Action: Make sure that the email IP address are on the allow list for your network.