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Prodtest to Staging Migration Update

Preparing for Prodtest to Staging Migration


Merchant feedback regarding our migration of Prodtest Vindicia Retain and Vindicia Subscribe cloud infrastructure platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS) has prompted us to take a phased approach to the migration.  Our modified approach will now allow for concurrent environments of Prodtest and Staging.  

We are now complete with the first two phases below.  Please see our release notes for any known platform limitations - Vindicia Subscribe Release Notes 27.0.6

Merchants must update to our new staging server URLs to maintain full access to our development environment. -- IP Address Changes




Preview -- Phase 1 -  Wednesday (12/16), & Thursday Morning (12/17)

  • Legacy Prodtest is fully available with all services

  • Preview of AWS Staging is available for login

    •  IP Address Changes

    • Test DB copy of Prodtest is available to review data and look at configuration

    • No external sandbox payment processors are connected and Vindicia test processor is available


Migration -- Phase 2 - Thursday Night (12/17)

  • Legacy Prodtest will experience downtime and be returned to service with limitations

    • Database copy is migrated to AWS staging

    • All sandbox external payment processors are migrated to AWS staging and replaced with Vindicia test processor

  • AWS Staging will experience downtime and will be brought up as our new development sandbox environment 

    • Legacy prodtest database is copied and migrated to AWS staging with all data 

    • All sandbox external payment processors are active in AWS


Run in Parallel -- Phase 3 - Friday (12/18) through 1/28/21

  • Legacy Prodtest will be available until 1/28/2021

    • Any changes to prodtest will not be replicated to staging from Thursday Night going forward

    • Only payment processor available is Vindicia test processor in Legacy  

    • No changes made in legacy prodtest will be replicated to staging.   Any updates to the system will be lost once it is decommissioned at the end of Jan.  

  • New AWS staging environment will not be available unless Server URLs are updated to point at our new environment.

  • AWS Staging will be our new development environment going forward

    • Database will be a copy as of 12/17/2020 @ 6pm PST. 

    • No changes will be synced from or to Legacy Prodtest

    • All external sandbox payment processors will be available only in AWS Staging environment.  




Merchant Impacts

Please see our release notes for a full details - Vindicia Subscribe Release Notes 27.0.6

  • Use the new staging URLs - Code will need to be updated with our new staging URLs.  These can be found here on our IP information page.  In most cases replacing the server name with the new staging name should be enough for access to our new enviornment.

  • External Payment Processors - On 12/17 these will all move from our Legacy prodtest stack to AWS staging.  All payment processing rules in the Legacy Prodtest will be changed and pointed to our internal processor.  Vindicia Subscribe Test Data For Payment Processors

  • UTC Timechange - Please see our article outlining the changes to how we handle event timestamps in the new AWS stack -- UTC Timezone Changes

  • Push notifications will no longer be sent from Legacy Prodtest

  • Schedule reports will no longer be available from Legacy Prodtest