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PSD2 – SCA Strong Customer Authentication


PSD2/SCA is coming.

The European Union (EU) has imposed a requirement on payment service providers within the European Economic Area (EEA) to implement Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).  The main specification being followed is the EMV 3D Secure (3DS) specification from EMVco.

EEA merchants must be in compliance by Dec 31, 2020 and UK merchants must be in compliance by Sept 14, 2021 (US-only merchants are not yet mandated to be in compliance with 3DS/SCA)

Payment Processors are making changes to their platforms to support 3DS. Vindicia is working with each of our supported processors to allow our merchants to implement 3DS on the Subscribe platform.

What does this mean for our Merchants?

If you are a merchant doing business in the EU or the UK then you may be required to support 3DS/SCA by the deadlines imposed by the EU and UK governments.

You can use the following links to help determine if you are an impacted merchant and if so, how Vindicia can help.

What to know about 3DS

How Vindicia enables 3DS

PSD2 Glossary

If you are just now planning your move to 3DS or if you're not sure what your next step is or even if you are well into planning your move, Vindicia would like to help.  For more information on the 3DS mandate and how Vindica can help, contact your Vindicia representative.

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