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The Account in CashBox represents your customer, and contains all the data necessary to provide them services, communicate with them, and charge them for one-time or Subscription purchases.

Use CashBox Portal or the CashBox API to create, edit, or manage your Customers.

Note: If you maintain customer information in both CashBox and your own database, be certain to coordinate updates made in CashBox with your internal records to ensure that they remain synchronous. Use the CashBox API or subscribe to push notifications to directly link your CashBox portal information to your customer database.

For more information about the CashBox API or push Notifications contact Vindicia Client Services.

Parent Child Customer Relationships

CashBox supports a two-level customer hierarchy for payment and reporting; that is, you can define parent and child customers. A parent can have multiple children, but a child can have only one parent, and a child can not be a parent to another Customer.

A parent can pay for its own Subscriptions or one-time transactions, or for any of its child Subscriptions or one-time transactions. This is handled by using a parent's Payment Method to be on the child's Subscription.

Child Customers can have their own Payment Methods that differ from the parent Customer, and can use either their own Payment Method or the Payment Method defined on the parent Customer to pay for subscriptions or one-time purchases.

When two Customers are linked or unlinked (as parent and child), an email is sent to both.