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Payment Methods

Displays information about the payment method or methods used on this Account, and indicates which payment method is Primary. All payment methods have Account Holder information and Billing Address. Each different payment method type stores different fields.  In the Portal you can view all payment methods but only add and edit certain ones. 

Below is the information collected for each payment method and the different types with those you can edit or not. 

Common Fields:
Account Holder 

The payee name associated with this payment method. Typically corresponds to the name associated with the Account but it card holder and Account owner may be different.  


Unique merchant  ID associated with the Billing Profile for this Account.

Customer Specified 
  • Customer Specified Type—The payment method type supplied by the customer.

  • Customer Specified Descrption—The payment method description supplied by the customer.

All Subscriptions use this method 

Select Yes to apply this Payment Method to all Subscriptions for the Account. Default is No.

Billing Address 

Billing address information for the payment method.

Merchants who charge taxes typically use the address information provided in the Shipping Address field for tax calculation, because that location is most likely where the Product will be used. If a Shipping Address is not provided, the Billing Address associated with the Payment Method is used instead.  Select "same as shipping" to populate the Billing Address from the Shipping Address.

Payment Method Types
Payment Method Type Portal Capability
Credit Card View/Edit
Direct Debit View/Edit
ECP View/Edit
Carrier Billing View/Edit
Military Star View/Edit
Merchant Accepted Payment View/Edit
Boleto View/Edit
PayPal View Only
External Billing View Only
Amazon View Only
Hosted Pages View Only
Apple Pay View Only
Skrill View Only
Token View/Edit (virtual payment method)
Details for each payment method type
Credit Card
  • Account Number:  Masked credit card account number (enter card number here when editing or creating new)
  • Security code: Only visible when updating or creating a new method. Enter the security code here.  It will be used for any transaction but not stored.
  • Expiration Date: Month and Year of card expiration.
Direct Debit
  • Account Number: Masked account number (enter new account number here when editing or creating new)
  • Bank Sort Code: Masked bank sort code. (enter new bank sort code when editing or creating new)
  • Rib Code: (France Only) Masked RIB code (enter new RIB code when editing or creating new)
  • Country: Country Code for bank account.  (select from dropdown list when editing or creating new)
  • Account Type: The type of bank Account used for ECP. Valid types include: (Consumer Checking, Consumer Savings, Corporate Checking, Corporate Savings)
  • Transaction Type: The Transaction Types supported.  Valid types include (All,Inbound, Outbound, Inbound and Outbound, Transfer, N/A)
  • Account Number: Masked Bank Account Number (enter new account number when editing or creating new)
  • Routing Number: Bank Routing Number (enter new bank routing number when editing or creating new)
Carrier Billing
  • Phone Number: Customer phone number used for the payment.
  • Encoded Phone: Number: Payment Provider encoded phone number used in the Transaction. 
  • Payment Provider: Payment Provider selected for the Transaction. (CashBox currently supports BOKU.)
  • Currency: ISO 4217 Currency Code for either the static_price_inc_salestax, or the dynamic_target_price. 
  • Country: Country Code of customer. 

Military Star

  • Account Number:  Masked account number (enter account number here when editing or creating new)
  • CID Number: Masked Customer Identification number (enter CID number here when editing or creating new)
Merchant Accepted Payment
  • ID—Merchant unique ID for this payment method

  • Type—Type of payment method accepted by merchant

  • Account—Full account number for external payment method.

  • Note—Note regarding payment being made

Fiscal Number:  Fiscal number appearing on the customer's Boleto Banacario payment slip.