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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Payment Methods

A Payment Method defines how an Account pays for its Subscriptions. Accounts can have several Payment methods associated with them, which are listed in order of preference. The first Payment Method listed for the Account is the Account’s Primary payment method.

The Payment Method panes list the associated Payment Methods for the Account. These can be Credit Card, ECP, Direct Debit, Boleto, or Pay by Invoice. The Payment Type field lists the method as a link. 

You can add payment methods to Accounts when creating or editing the Account.


Activate (allow th payment type to be used for payments) or deactivate the payment method (and save the payment method for use in future Subscriptions) .


Indicate whether or not this is the primary payment method.

Account Holder

Name of the person who owns the Account. Typically corresponds to the name associated with the payment method. 

Billing Profile ID

The unique merchant  ID associated with the Billing Profile for this Account.

Customer Specified Type

The Credit Card type supplied by the customer.

Credit Card Number

The BIN number and last 4 digits of the credit card for this payment method.

Credit Card Security Code

Security code on the back of the credit card.

Credit Card Expiration

Expiration date of the credit card. 

All Subscriptions use this method

Select Yes to apply this Payment Method to all Subscriptions for the Account. Default is No.

Billing Address

Billing address information for the customer.

Merchants who charge taxes typically use the address information provided in the Shipping Address field for tax calculation, because that location is most likely where the Product will be used. If a Shipping Address is not provided, the Billing Address associated with the Payment Method is used instead.