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Activity History

Activity for the Account, including payments made, email notifications sent, changes to the Account or its Subscriptions, or Notes entered against the Account.

Use the links to generate a printer-friendly view of this table, or add a note to the activity history. Can you still do this?

Click on an activity Type to open the Activity Details page for the item.

Time Stamp

Date and time of the activity.


Select the type of activity you want to view.

Type is either a predefined type, or a custom merchant-defined activity added or created through the CashBox API.

Predefined activity types include the following:

  • Login
  • Logout
  • Email
  • Call
  • URL access
  • Product Delivery/Fulfillment
  • Service Usage
  • Cancelation Event
  • Note

Are all these Types available???

IP Address

IP address from which the customer initiated activity, if applicable.