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Email address associated with the account. If provided, the email address is used by CashBox to send billing notifications.


Two- or three-character IANA sub-tag registry standard language code corresponding to languages that have been loaded by the merchant into the system. CashBox uses this setting to determine which of its email templates to use when sending a notification message to the customer.

Note: Although CashBox supports both ISO 639 and IANA language codes, Vindicia recommends using IANA codes.

Email Style 

Format of email notifications sent to the customer.

Email Before Billing  

Email address to which pre-billing notifications will be sent to notify account holder prior to automatic subscription period renewal. 

Shipping Address  

Used for shipping a product to the customer but can also be used in the calculation of applicable taxes. Merchants who charge taxes typically use the shipping address as the first choice because that is likely the location where the product will be used. If a shipping address is not provided, the billing address associated with the payment method is used.