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Billing Plan

A Billing Plan describes a set of rules and conditions that define when and how much to charge a customer for an ongoing subscription, and is composed of a set of Billing Periods, each made up of Billing Cycles, with billing occurring at the start of each Cycle.

Each of the following items describes a possible Billing Plan:

  • Free for 15 days, followed by payments of 20 USD, 15 EUR, or 156 HKD per month.
  • First 3 months at 10 USD per month, followed by payments of 25 USD per month.
  • 45 USD, 29 EUR, 23 GBP, 48 AUD, 350 HKD, 61 SGD, 214 DKK, or 917 SKK per year.
  • Free for 1 month, followed by payments of 50 Gold pieces per month.

The Billing Plan describes a generic set of billing instructions and rules, including supported currencies, billing frequency and varying pricing rules, without reference to a particular Product, service, or customer purchase. Once created, a Billing Plan can be associated with Products or with Subscriptions. A Subscription references a Billing Plan, a customer Account, and a Product, and uses the information in those objects to generate automated billing and processing.