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Vindicia Knowledge Center

Billing Plan

A billing plan governs the frequency and periodicity of a subscription. You use a billing plan to control how often to bill a customer, and to help control the price at which the customer is billed. Billing plans allow you to configure flexible payment structures to accommodate your marketing needs. 

A billing plan can have an unlimited number of schedules (billing periods) and differing numbers of cycles per schedule. A billing plan must have at least one billing period schedule. For subscriptions with multiple billing periods, only the last billing period can have unlimited cycles. If you are using a billing plan to manage an installment plan that has a natural end, your final schedule may not be unlimited.  

It is possible to set a price on the billing plan. For example in situations where step up pricing based on a preset schedule is required.  If that is the case you can use the ADD/REMOVE under Manage Currencies on the left panel to mange the currencies for this Billing Plan and then you can set the price for each currency in each schedule.  

Billing Plans also let you offer an initial free period for trials. If you set the first period to be a trial period, it overrides any pricing on the product. 

The Billing Periods page displays your products by ID and Description, Status, Created Date, End Date, Currencies and Billing Periods. You can search for billing plans by any of these key words, or click the Show Filters button to refine your search.